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8 Month T-Break... new pickup!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by smokin944, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. I've been searching for some ganja for over a month now and i finally found a hookup! (this whole town is as dry as the f-ing desert!) I'm picking it up tonight and i am psyched! I haven't smoked since my buddy got raided like 8months ago, so i can't wait to get:smoking:! Pics to come later tonight. Picking up a half of an eighth for $30, so i hope that it's some good shit, but with how hard it is to find bud around here i'd almost be happy with some decent mids....:D
  2. an 8 month t-break is impressive. good job bro. get some pics up soon
  3. I agree, 8 month tbreak is damn impressive. Now lets see some pics :cool:
  4. Congratulations on the emmensilly long t-break. Hope you get some fire.
  5. whyyyyyyyyyyyyy would you go on a tolerance break, let alone 8 months???

    I smoke everyday and i get as blazed everytime wtf

    that shits a myth in my opinion.
  6. This isnt a myth, t-breaks help out so much, even not smoking for a few days can be a decent tolerence break. You get way higher with a lower tolerence with less weed. If you smoke every day all your doing is clogging your THC sensors in your brain, but hell if you can afford to smoke every day, by all means keep smokin!
  7. #7 EVL420, Sep 25, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 25, 2009

    i am a full-time college student and i can afford to smoke every day...:smoking:

    but i take the summer off, so 2-3 months a year
  8. damn man I can't even go a week without smoking some ganja
  9. yeah i smoke everyday.. but why would you take the summer off from smoking? thats the best time imo.
  10. cause i live at home with my parents and work every day! ok i lied, i smoked only a couple times during the summer when my parents went out of town, i tell you what, i wanted to! i hate down time when i am home...down time makes me want to toke it up, and its so boring not high!
  11. yeah i definitely know what you mean man.. you just gotta roll a doob and "take the dog for a walk"

    i do like 3-4 times a day. its excercise for my brain and body.
  12. Damn, your dog must love you!

  13. Walk me too please.
  14. Well one reason for not smoking was because my buddy/dealer got busted. Second reason is that my job over the summer did random testings...

    BUT THE REAL PROBLEM is that my "new hookup" texted me and told me that he was having a hard time getting ahold of his hookup....blah blah blah. Here i still sit another day sober. :(

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