8 Little Girls Update

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  1. Hello all, I only have one pic right now of my girlies, and it isn't good but it will give you an idea on what i'm talking about. I would of gotten more pics but my batterys died in my camera. Well like i said i have 8 plants, i have a box with two sets of 48inch flouros, and a flouro outside the box for a plant thats just too tall for the box. All my plants were outdoors, started in july, its too cold to keep them outside and i would like them to get bigger before harvest. The pots where too big to put all the plants in my box, so 3 are outside of the box and just pulled over with string inside da box. And well like i said one was way too tall to be in .. da box. I said box a lot. Anyways. I'll try to post the pic now.

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  2. ... wow

  3. did you... cut all the fan leaves off of them?
  4. i wouldn't say wow, there isn't much there. Yeah the fan leaves were cut off, my father always clips my leaves off when he doesn't have smoke. The leaves give a ok buzz. I tried one of the buds and it was kickass. The strain is unknown, all from good bag seed. I'm going to try to get some closer pics taken soon.
  5. :p

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