8 Larry OG(reg) in Coco 1000w HPS

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    Well I thought I'd actually document this grow as I've noticed alot of back and forth on the quality of Swerves beans and end product. I've had great success with his Tahoe so now we'll try Larry.

    Popped 8 beans all of them sprouted and were put into cups and now are in .5gallon bags(didn't have one gallons) and will be topped in about 7 days. prob will veg for 4-5 more weeks (August 26th-September 2nd) before flipping and cranking up the 1kw. Can't veg them in the .5g's for long so I'll have to transplant again into 2 gallon bags to finish off the veg. Then onto 5gallons for flowering.

    I don't plan to train much other than staking and some supercropping for an even canopy.

    Nutes and additives being used are as followed:

    Dyna-Gro Grow
    Floralicious Plus

    Dyna-Gro Grow(only at 1ml per gallon)
    Dyna-Gro Bloom
    Floralicious Plus(sparingly)
    KoolBloom dry(during ripening)

    I also Brew up some Stump Tea for my plants Once in Veg and 2x's in Flower.

    Coco Coir (Botanicare)
    Ammened with Xtreme Gardening Mykos and Azos

    1000w digital with Big Kahuna Cooled hood(Bloom)

    Space for bloom is 4x4 they aren't in the 4x4 yet until I get my 400w Mh bulb later this week to continue the veg They are under 400w hps with some others that are in veg.

    I prob won't be able to get but 6 into the 4x4 now that I think about it but I have space in another room to run the other 2.

    If you have any questions or Insight please let it be known. Let's hope for a nice Female ratio, and a stellar Pheno:D

    Enjoy the show:wave:
    I'll most likely update every Sunday(esp when I flip to bloom)
  2. Sub'd :wave:. Just started some assorted Kushes myself. Want to see some more OG strains, so here I am :).

  3. Glad to have you along. I'm also running some OG kush from Reserva Privada(on my 2nd run), it's dank but I'm looking for a better representation of OG.

    Which Kushes did you just start off?
  4. Here they are taken on sunday I'll post a detailed update in a bit. mag and N lockout really slowed things down a tad. Looks like I have 3 females so far and 2 males(not yet fully confirmed) and 3unknowns. hoping for 2 more females.

    the larry's are the 8 in the front. ill get a better pic

    I wanted to flip in 2 weeks but i might end up going another week for September 9th.

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