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Discussion in 'General' started by CoolAidWrap, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. hey gc , i have recently started fuckin with coke n lookin to buy an 8 ball . just wonderin how many g's a 8ball is?? :cool:
  2. bout 3 grams man. I'm not gonna tell you to stop while you can...
  3. na dont worry bout me ( like u were in the first place ) lol . i only get to do it every 3 or 4 weeks wen my boys in town , so no worries about me gettin addicted :rolleyes:

    Thanks for the info:D
  4. it's 3.5, isn't it?

    have fun geeky face.

  5. yuh, 1/8 oz
  6. oh lordie...i used to lovew getting an 8-ball from my boss on friday, and come in monday like "gimme my jobs for the day..IM READY TO DO THIS SHIT"...yeah...i learned after awhile a 100 degree attic installing airconditioning and heating was not something to do coked up..

    its 3.5 grams, and look for something thats 70/30 cut or better, the rest is garbage...
  7. I get 8 balls for $150

    *edit* wow, totally read the op wrong. yea as everyone above me said, its 3.5 grams
  8. im thinking of gettin me some this weekend,,,,, cant smoke weed right now,,, so im gonna do some sniffy,,,

    it gets out of your system quicker,,,, fukin piss tests, f-kin probation, f-kin drug claases f-kin authority,,,,,:cool:

  9. Haha, you sound exactly like me. I gotta pass drug tests to get my license back, so no weed for me until october.

    This weekdn I'm probably gonna get a ball with two of my buddies and sniff our troubles away...

    And I agree, fuck piss tests, fuck drug classes, and fuck authority. :smoking:
  10. An 8 ball is an eighth, don't let people talk you down for doing it. just keep it under control, if your nose starts to bleed for no reason then you know you better stop. coke is relatively easy to stop doing even if you are addicted, but don't slip I have almost OD'd and I never thought I would. I used to get them for $110 but $150 is just a little more than average i'd say, a lot of people will charge 150. Don't fuck with dirty shit either it's not worth it.
  11. haha nobody could tell how much it's cut, so many different dealers cut it down the line with different things.
  12. just thinnk about how many diff. people it goes through before it finally hits the consumer, all those people with opertunity to cut the coke to make it weigh more, thus more money. they dont care about if its bad for you or not, its all about the cash
  13. that's exactly what i said lol
  14. I wish I could get a fucking 8-ball for $125-150 range.
    A gram of yayo costs $65-70 here.
    Fucking Canada, if we have so much snow where's the blow?
  15. damn that's crazy, i paid that much once in chicago and it was the best coke i've ever done.
  16. Damn, last I heard some fishscail was 50 a gram in my area.
  17. 8ball is 3.5 g, i used to fuck with coke alot while back ago, and i'm glad i quit that shit. but an 8ball should cost you around $100 or so, i'd sometimes pay $130 for a ball but that was whenever the yay was amazingly good and hardly cut. but if your really into yay (i recommend not to) but its a waste of money buying a gram at a time for $40 when you could buy 3.5 g for $100 . . . . but also i understand that thats the price i got back at home and prices range from area to area

    EDIT: also if you end up buyin a ball, don't do alot at one time, OD'ing on yay is not fun at all, and if you get a nose bleed (i would get one if i would do about a g in one single nostril) then chill for a couple of days. yay nosebleeds are horrible, not sure about yours, but mine would last for over 20 minutes non-stop and it was horrible

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