**8 Amazing Macro Shots of PH(x) HD HoneyComb,Largest Size They Make & InlineAC!!!!**

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  1. Absolutely love this piece. It is my baby. Enjoy the pictures guys, I love looking at all of your beautiful glass, hope you enjoy mine!
    Diffusers in the Inline AC
    Inside of the bong. 2 ice pinches & a Splash-Guard (looks like another Dome-Perc but it isn't)
    Got my 4 ounce Medicinal Pickup in the Stash-Jar section, some great Macro pictures! :smoke: http://forum.grasscity.com/stash-ja...ush-white-russian-3-ounce-medical-pickup.html
  2. missing an ice pinch. phx going backward.
  3. jesus... 3 percs and an a/c... drag has to be down right horrid

    btw... diggin the Rusty a/c.. got one myself just like it

  4. Drag?

    I dont think so buddy lol

    at least they arent cheap china domes, they are well made.
  5. I find it stupid that they put HD on it, otherwise its cool
  6. Que? Kliff, buddy, PH(x) is using the same domes as everyone else that uses them. They are draggy. Add to that the fact that there are two, a honeycomb, 14mm joint, and an ashcatcher (albeit a nice one, I can't remember who makes them but its got some quip about not being chinese on it), and it's drag city. Plus, if it was hit with that much water, it's going to chug in the worst of ways.
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    nice! now that is a sick bong man! And I bet theres hardly any drag it, how would someone know by just looking at a picture? lol I got a phx bong with two percs and a splash guard, and alota people would think it has alota drag to it but I can assure you thats not the case, only if you have pussy lungs... (hint to the post above this one) ;)

    Enjoy man! Great pictures!!
  8. more water = more drag
    more water chambers = more drag
    four different water chambers (two of which are dome percs) = ultra drag

    not sure how that's so puzzling to you but...

  9. =(

    that makes me sad.
  10. how many slits/holes are on each dome? 5-8? LOL DRAGLESS!

    even though the honeycomb won't work at 100% potential, it'd still have less drag by itself than with two dome percs and another water chamber in the ac.
  11. If that screams, "No drag," you must have really laboured breathing normally.

    And, Kliff, PH(x) uses a bunch of chinese stuff. The cobalt glass and honeycomb are two examples.
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    There is bairly any drag what so EVER. I promise you that. Way to many haters in the toking tools section. Shouldn't have even posted anything most of the people hating can't even afford hahahahah
  13. I can't afford it.


    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocrVT_yMNKc]EFS+ DWB Glass Rocks! - YouTube[/ame]

    Alright. You're cool.

  14. I had hoped the domes were american at least.

    god damn shame man.
  15. The domes are American made dude, I talked to a girl through e-mail through the PH(x) website that works there because I was verifying it was real. This dude just wants to think he has the best piece in the world so he puts other people down.
  16. Some fat buds you got in that video brahhh! LoLz!!!!!! Honestly though my dude, I would choose my piece over that anyway. As long as you are happy with it thats all that matters though, just don't go dissing PH(x) Honeycombs so heavy when they are 1 of the smoothest/fattest hits I can get out of any bong.
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    Hardly. I'm pretty sure you think you have the greatest, most patriotic, U.S. of Fucking A., bong in the world. I'm just pointing out that a lot of what they do is with chinese (lower quality) glass.

    Also, a PR rep is going to say exactly what you want to hear. They don't have to tell you the truth.

    EDIT: that nug was pretty big...before I broke it up for that hit :laughing:. You do have nice bud pics up top.

  18. ....I don't what so ever. I think you do since you went so hard to put down my piece before I ever even responded. You went super hard haha.
  19. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVF-YuAqUzI&feature=related]PHX HD Double Honeycomb plus honeycomb slide - YouTube[/ame]

    doesnt look too draggy.
  20. My first post. I compliment your ashcatcher, then state the fact that 14mm joints, and Dome percs are draggy.

    I was going real hard, right? :rolleyes:

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