7th week flowering, buds don't look right. please help asap

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  1. Hey, I didn't really want to make a new thread about this but, my buds seem alittle small and not very dense for 7th week of flowering.
    so I'm thinking I'm just impatient, mabye I have a strain (dunno strain) that takes 12 weeks for flowering or i have a light leak so it's in some kind of half flowering stage half veg stage.

    Well i have no idea, so can anyone help me out?

    But, If it was a light leak i now have it in a mini fridge grow box, so it's completly light proof now.

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  2. That thing looks hermied as a mofo.
  3. Yea man that is totally headache dope. Lil balls every where.:(
  4. What light source are you using? Grow medium? How close are the lights? Things ppl will ask so they can help.:)
  5. ...the camera is only a ten mega-pixel and sucks with close ups, but that does make since for why its not dense.
    Good thing i have different seeds germing right now.

  6. Lights; 75 watts(3 bulbs) till i moved it to the mini fridge, wich was 3 days ago , and in the mini fridge i have 55 watts (2 bulbs) but will have 4 26 watters when i get more light socket adapters today.

    Grow medium; peat moss, perlight

    closeness to lights; 2-3 inches.
  7. So I don't want this to be a complete wast of my time...could i make some hash out of this plant, something else? or should I ditch the bitch?
  8. Shit let it grow out and hash it up man!:)
  9. What are your temps like and what are you feeding he/she?

  10. whats my hermie going to look like when it's ready?
  11. My temps are around 60-70F, just remember I'm growing in a mini fridge so if temps get to high I just turn the mini fridge setting from off to 1 or 2.

    I've been using mirical grow less then 1/4 strength, feeding every 2 weeks, but i cut off from nutes about a week ago... thinking harvest would be in 2-4 weeks.

    Mirical grow tomato food for veg
    mirical bloom booster for flowering
  12. Grow box pics

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  13. Got any air flow in that mini fridge? I think those temps are a bit low(75-79).

    I'm not good with the MG,but I have seen ppl on here get awesome results using MG.

    Also I try to get at least a 100wt per plant. If you have high humidity in flower that can be an issue as well.

    How often do you water? You should water when light pot feels light. Lift it up after a watering. Remember how that feels. When it needs watering it will be super light.

    Do some reading brotha and you'll find the answers. Good luck:)
  14. It looks really wet in there. If the holes drilled in the back are your passive intake they should be on the opposite side of the outtake( if that's what those PC fans are for). Creates really good air flow this way.
  15. I see what you did. You need to have the fans sucking out. They are sucking in. And the passive intake on the wall(drilled holes) needs to be on the other side.

    Don't know if that'll help with this grow but it will make a difference on the next one. Hope this helps.:)

  16. i water 3-5 days, like you said , when ever it feels light.

    Alot of people screw up with mg because they over use it, it is VERY strong and not need to be used very often. I've never past 1/4 strength

  17. Actually, the PC fans that are visible are just blowing on the plant(not intake or out take, just circulation) and the drilled holes have a exit PC fan attached....it looks wet because i had the mini fridge was left on and the frost from it has melted, if you know how refrigeration work you'll know why
  18. Yea man I would say just read. It will open up a whole new world. You'll be like ohhhhhhhh... That's why that happened! Lol

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