7th Day T-Break

Discussion in 'General' started by Borstal, May 31, 2009.

  1. So...

    I am trying to go for a month t-break on weed. I have been 7 days so far clean of weed and was wondering if I were to toke it up tonight a few bong or pipe bowls and then continue to take my break for the month after this without smoking more, will it completly reset my tolerance break back to square one?
  2. Bump? anyone know how weed tolerance works? How would this affect me.
  3. dude tolerance is basically at 0 after a week so i say toke up tonight and for as long as you want until you do another week break. for me weeds out my system in around 3-5 days and by then my tolerance = 0 so i love it

  4. I have been smoking every day for a year and a half though? So do you think over 60% of the THC will be gone by now?
  5. dude yeah for sure, deff would it doesn't keep getting higher like smoking a few days in a row your tolerance is as high as it's gonna get

    smoke tonight you will get super high
  6. As far as drug tests go you need to wait 3 weeks. I was pretty much a daily smoker but recently I've cut WAY back - 1/2 bowl a day. I've noticed my tolerance getting lower just from cutting back.. and I still get blazed on the weekends

  7. Eh, im not in it for drug tests atm but its good to know the info. I was just smoking too much that i wasn't really getting high anymore so I decided to take a break.

  8. I just said its out my system in 3-5 days, that means on drug tests and tolerance. this is a true story
  9. I just toke a T-break for a week and will say that I got a lot more higher than I usually did, however my tolerance returned pretty quick. If you have one smoke sesh, you're not gonna fuck up your tolerance break, but if you do keep smoking after it will come back to your old tolerance range pretty quick. I tend to notice, the longer you go on a break the longer your tolerance stays mellow.

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