7eleven cunt clerk!

Discussion in 'General' started by bootbud, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. i had to make a zigzag run right quick, went to a new 7eleven store by my house. it was pretty crowded for midnight, waited in line for 5 minutes and then asked for a pack of zigzag, the trailer trash clerk with two teeth as loud as she could in front of about 30 people, (theres a casino in store, thats why so crowded) says, 7eleven does not sell rolling papers of any sort! and then the paste eating nerd clerk working with her says, yeah! no 7eleven in the world sells rolling papers! i felt like some child being scolded, and i was twice there ages i bet, it was embarressing. but i refuse to be an asshole. im a cool pothead. so with a smile and polite manner i said back to the cunt clerk, sure 7eleven sells rolling papers.....they both said back to me at the same time, no they dont! sure they do, i said again, give me a pack of bugler i said. she did and i pointed out to her the pack of rolling papers on the front of pack. the cunt clerk and the paste eater had a look of just being beat. like they really wanted to make me feel like shit and they failed. i walked out with a big pleasent smile and a have a nice night, with no response. what a couple of jerks. and now i gotta try and roll a joint with these suck-ass papers. i think im going to another store.brb.
  2. funny shit

    you can probably salvage those papers by reverse rolling so you use less paper

    easy way to do it is to fold it back with the gum folded back as well to size lick it stick it open it with a pen or something strip the excess paper and start packing
  3. haha good job with the quick thinking
  4. Anyone who's a convience store / gas station clerk and is a dick must have something up their ass. Because it's like the most fun, laid back job ever. GJ putting them in their place, clearly they just wanted to fuck with you since every 7/11 on earth sells papers.
  5. haha ownage... karma fought for you there bro haha +rep

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