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7eleven bob marley

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nahitscool, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. anyone ever see/buy those bob marley teas at 7eleven? it didnt get me high atall but it did make me pass the fuck out in the middle of a movie.
  2. Yeah they don't work but i crashed on the couch in like a second :smoke:
  3. haha im thinking about buying another for a before bed time drink!
  4. Please explain to me why a tea they sell at 7-11 would get you baked?
  5. Haha i would love that right now. Mad allergies.
  6. These teas are 'Marleys Mellow Mood,' find them via Facebook. Anyways, they have some ingredients such as melatonine and tree root extracts that give a relaxation effect. You're not getting baked from them.
  7. plus have you seen the can? as much as i hate the idea of someone making money off bob marleys pictures. They give you a stylish can for the price...
  8. The drinks not supposed to get you baked its supposed to mellow you right out hence why you guys passed out or get tired, i drank 2 on the job one day at worked and passed out at work ffs, they definitaly do what they say, there called marleys mellow mood, on the bottle it sais " reduces stress & eelieves tension, theres nothing on there what so ever bout getting baked
  9. Has anyone tried like 3 of these well high?
  10. I'm pretty sure they are donating some profits to a charity for Africa. It's a cool foundation. Nothing like a nice Black tea
  11. Lol, i dont think anything from 7eleven would get you baked.. they probably put a bob marley tea sticker over nyquil PM or something.
  12. hell yeah theyr actually delicious im not much of a tea drinker but it was damn good.
    and chill out everybody noones getting high off the bob marley tea...calm down

  13. But when weed is legal :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  14. when weeds legal ill become a rasta
  15. Yeah i'll keep it in my trash can collector's bin.
  16. yo mama got a notch on my bedpost
  17. Doubt it, son.
  18. you want me to tell you what she said last night?

  19. the drink is not suppose to get you high, but it does have ingredients that are suppose to mellow you out, and I think that much is true! plus last weekend I tried a sample of the new mixed berry flavor and OH MY LORD it was unbelievably orgasmic! :)

  20. Nope but drank 2 while sober and working and passed the fuck out

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