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  1. I dont know how many of you just saw (or care about) Barry Bond hitting his 756th home run making him number one all time. I have never really wanted him to break this (steroids and i am a braves guy) but i felt like i had to share this:

    I was thinking yesterday wtaching the giants play, Barry's gonna hit it tomorrow...8/7/07 would be perfect for it...and low and behold. its a 3-2 count, i am blazing a bowl, and i look up and bam. Crazy man, just watched some serious history...the guy that got the ball just won a million+ dollar lottery...
  2. i was pretty pissed. i feel like he cheated the system, but than again so was everyone around him. im keeping my fingers crossed for an asterisk in the records book.
  3. barry bonds can suck on my right testical. hank aaron?

    theres a badass for u
  4. ahh yes ive been waiting for this. i knew it was gonna happen sooner or later
  5. I'm pretty sure this record will be stripped from him in the future because it will come to light that he has been abusing steroids his entire career.


    HOUSTON'S MR. 3000!
  6. Congrats Barry, I got your back man. Steroids or not, he's still got the best swing and the quickest hands i've ever seen and steroids don't give you that, your born with it. I remember when he hit #400, man that feels like so long ago now. Whether you love him or hate him, you still gotta respect what he's done in his career.

    Go Barry! Go Giants! (please don't bash me for saying so...)
  7. Cheating ftl.

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