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  1. i got money out of the bank for an oz..turns out i get a break on it...so i have extra money, so i go to sam goody to pic up a cd i have never heard of as i often do when im high..just to experience new music..well..i picked up "the world of TRANCE vol. 2"..it was 2 cd's for 10 bucks...so i figured..what the hell........well....now... this is my favorite cd when blazed..i think thats a great story, how i discovered something new while high..again....anyway..fixin to smoke a bowl..later!
  2. Don't ya just love life, Norm?????
  3. YES..LIFE IS GOOD!!...its small little discoveries and epipanies like that, that make life worth living..life is hitting a good shot in golf..the ones that feel great and make you want to play golf for the rest of your life..life is catching that monster bass on the last cast before headin in for the day...life is also realizing THERE WERE AND STILL ARE NO MOTHER FUCKING FLYING CARS IN 2000..WHERE THE FUCK IS MY FLYING CAR!!....JEEETTTSSSOOOOOONNNNNNN!!!!!!
  4. Life is the 3 miles of Tigerlilies along the side of a curvy country road.

    Life is tossing the frisbee and your amazing dog catching it every time.

    Life is standing in the rain on a warm summer afternoon looking at the mountains around you. Until it hails...then it isn't so much life as it is hell.

    Life is looking at life and realizing how freakin' amazing it is.

    And yes, Norm, life is wondering where in the "blue fuck" your flying car is!
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  6. .... what EVER you make of it.


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