7100k flouro bulb...is it usefull at all?

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    i found a light bulb...a 48' aquarium blue spectrum 7100k bulb. I just recently learned that the 6000 range spectrum is good for vegetative growth and then around 2000k or so is good for flowering since it is in the spectrum that is like fall in nature. I could have my facts wrong here so correct me if I'm wrong on all that.

    but basically i'm wondering if a 7100k bulb that says its a completely blue bulb has any use in the grow room.

    and also another question i have is....if a bulb says "cool white" what spectrum is this in and is it more ideal for flowering or vegetative growth. im guessing its in the 4000k range...

    i have a big 48' size fixture with a cool white bulb in it. what type of bulb do i have to get for optimal flowering?

    some one school me on flouro lights real quick because i found mine on the side of the road and there all mixed. i figure that the ones that give off a more red-orange colored light are better for flowering and the ones that say cool white and look way more white are better for veg?

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