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7000 clicks later, WE ARE NUMBER 1!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nucan, Feb 17, 2003.


is nucan insane?

  1. definelty

    0 vote(s)
  2. probably

    0 vote(s)
  3. no, hes should be given great amounts of marijuana for his deeds

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  4. too high to care

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  1. god my fingers are tired, but it was for the city, so its all good. i just couldnt stand to see grasscity not being the nubmer 1 mostest stoniest site. well, it took me exactly 1 hour to click on my mouse 7000 times........... mission accomplished.

    EDIT: just needed to add the thread with the voting link...
  2. this is funny
  3. that kicks ass :D
  4. that's insane! lol... mad props!
  5. It is funny but it kicks ass too. You did a great thing, Nucan and you should be very proud. It was so cool seeing us at #1 where we should be and deserve all the pot brownies and recognition that we can give you...and since you can't really send brownies this way, all you get is recognition, dude!!!
  6. HOLY JEBUS MAN, thats crazy! but not in the padded walls kind of crazy! hahaha! you rock nucan. you nutty rockin dude you can get out of striaght jackets cant you?
  7. it's awesome, but too bad our pic doesn't work :p
  8. lol, it did before i did the mad clicking. i think all my clicking killed it. meh..
  9. Hey Nucan...I let Super Joint know about what you did for the City and he was very impressed and thankful for your clicking and for everyone elses!!!! You guys really showed how much you love the City. Now let's just stay #1!!!!!!!
  10. That is the best Nucan...

    Lets amke this site number one for ever!!!!!!!

    Keep clicking pepole! People
  11. Someone give the lad a finger massage!!!

    Right on Nucan!
  12. LOL, Im all over that...:p
    got the technique down and all ;)
  13. jjesus christ dog, I was voting there yesterday and thinking about how wed never get past number 4 and here we are at number 1 heh, we need to get that image working tho, good work!
  14. lol, to the back of the line critter. heh
  15. yah mean, we love you

  16. Great work Nucan. I clicked until my finger cramped up myself. This is the first step to world domination. Lets not stop now.
  18. Go get 'em!

    Give 'em the finger!

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