70 grams of indoor chronic

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  1. so i picked this up not grew but w/e. I got 70 grams tonight in a .75 l mason jar(crammed in). When i opened the jar it smelled almost green? can i smell colors?
    < fyi that was a joke. anyways the bud seemed spongy and difficult to break. I put it in a container with a Hygrometer to test RH. i did this cause i am unsure of how long the grower dryed it out. so this gives me a idea

    It gets me high as im smoking it i just am unsure if i should smoke it or dry&cure for longer
  2. i wanna see some pics sounds right
  3. did this thread just get 67 grams heavier?:hello:

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  4. Its gonna end up being your feel how them buds turn out, I mean none of us can tell without being there to smoke them. I try to dry my stuff well and then cure it, but if you are buying it becomes impossible to tell the cure quality. Iv had the same problem I would just let it dry decent then toke up...since you didnt grow its pretty hard to judge the cure.
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    anyone out there with similar situation that tried something with results?

    80% RH i think im going to finish drying n curing
  6. how does it smell. like grass or like some good interesting unique shit? lol
    how does it feel and look like compared too good stuff?

    if its moist try to dry and cure it
    if its dry, try to revive and cure it
    if it smells like plant just cure it

    lol XD i tried.
  7. I would let it dry for longer if it it is spongy..he could of harvested a little too early.:smoking:

  8. Looks like smokey is about right, looks premature.
  9. just keep it in the jar and as you smoke it, it will cure up
  10. Youneed to cure it
  11. ive had it in a brown paper bag with paper in between for about 7 days and it is now back in the jar and it has definitely lost much moisture, lost approx 5 grams in weight

  12. Ya did good kid..

    Ya did real good.

    Simple problem, Simple solution, Good dope.

    Now just keep it in a jar and take it out of there as you smoke it.

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