7-year-old girl killed in Detroit police raid

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  1. While the family should not have been harboring a murderer, a 7 year old girl dying for the sake of apprehending the murder suspect quickly is unacceptable. Of course an investigation will ensue, and it will find that something about the physical altercation with the women caused "the officer's weapon discharged one round" and hit the girl in the neck.

    At the minimum this officer should lose his job. For something like this to happen, there is no way that he was controlling his weapon properly.

    I've heard that in the middle east, our military will surround a house, order it's occupants to come out, and they will usually do so peacefully. The idea that we are safer being apprehended overseas by a military, then we are at home by our own police is frightening to say the least.
  2. This helps the reputation of police.

  3. And if they release the police officer who shot her he will be let go with pay. ALWAYS happens. It's like "oh you fucked but...you can't be here but we'll still pay you"


  4. Thats so very sad. I agree with this statement definitely. I know if i was that officer, i would resign way before i lost my job. i wouldnt be able to bear the guilt.
  5. Another thing, i know that if i was sleeping, and a flashbang was thrown into my house, it's not going to matter how many times they identify themselves as police. I would be so far into a defensive mindset, because the instinct would take over at that point, of course i would get into an altercation with the police officer. They knew that the suspect was in the house, they had to have known other people were also, including the girl.
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    I didn't read that post, but yesterday when I read this, I did some more research and found:

    The police raided an apartment building.
    The mother/daughter lived in the downstairs apartment.
    After the police used a flash bang grenade, they broke the door down.
    There was a struggle with the mother and a police officer.
    The girl that was sleeping entered the living room, where she was shot and killed.
    The guy the police where after was in the upstairs apartment.

    That's right, the apartment that the girl was killed in wasn't even the one the guy was hiding in!
  7. I imagine that there wasn't a physical altercation or the woman would have been shot, considering they go in with their weapons drawn and if someone doesn't lie down their getting shot. the girl probably came out to see what the hell all the yelling was about and as soon as the cop saw movement he fired the gun in the direction of the movement/sound thinking it was the murderer, since usually if people don't comply immediately in a raid it means they're going to use violence to escape. Maybe the cops should have figured out who all lived at the residence first, considering a little girl doesn't know the procedure of getting raided by the pigs.

  8. This is what i'm talking about. I would think that if they had the intel that the murderer was there, they would have known who else was there too. And if they didn't gather that intel before doing this raid, then everyone in the entire raid should be held responsible.
  9. This is 100% unacceptable.
  10. Judging by her name, shes probably black. I bet they wouldnt have shot her had she been white. completely unacceptable and possibly racist. Fuck the police.
  11. Yes - the entire family is black. She was a cutie, too. What a tragedy. :(

  12. They have done studies that show that when people need to make a split second decision about firing at someone, are more likely to shoot if the person is black :(

    too stoned to find the link's for it right now, i know i've seen it somewhere though

  13. I could've told you that without wasting time/money on a study. That's just the way things are, same reason black people get treated like shit more often then white people.
  14. Damn, that horrible. Cops these days, it seems like they keep messing up more an more.Maybe because most of them are power hungry/trigger happy men wanting to take out there problems on their fellow citizens. It just don't make no sense. I mean ya accidents happen, but he killed this mans daughter, he took her away from him. If i were that man i would go completely insane. How can we stop police brutality??There will never be an end to it, its only going to get worse and worse, an even when they fuck up, there buddy's stick up for them..I wish there was more Honest and good men on the law enforcement
  15. This is so sad.
    To me, this is just more evidence as to why the Arizona law should be repealed.
    Do you really want cops to be able to demand you prove your citizenship whenever they want? More power to the police is never a good thing in my opinion.

    What's ridiculous: had an everyday citizen "lost control of his weapon" and accidentally shot a little girl, he'd be in prison in a heartbeat. Why is it different for cops? This cop murdered an innocent little girl and he's getting away with it. It makes me sick.
  16. I saw this in the news and i have to say the father was devastated i felt so bad for him...
  17. I agreee
  18. i hope the cop loses his job cause he should have had his gun with the safety on anyways...

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  20. ahahaha, that was classic :p

    but seriously, he should have :(

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