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7 grams of weed :D

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Owen, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Is 7 grams of weed alot? can someone take a picture of 7 grams and compare it to somethingg? thanks I appreciate it!
  2. It's a quad. Should get you a few decent sized buds.

  3. Its a good amount to have. Depending on what kind of bud it will be, it should last you a while
  4. its two eighths
  5. I thought that was a quarter?
  6. yeah its quite a nice amount. itd be enough for like 2 weeks or something (for me atleast)

  7. a quarter oz, yes...or a quad to some folks. It is also the equivilant of two eigths. My usual pickup, and can last two-three weeks depending on tolerance and quality (mids = one week, dank = two/three).
  8. well how much is $70+ worth to you? if it's a fair amount of money to spend, you can bet you're gonna get a fair amount of weed.
  9. I just ate some :D
  10. wow google it not tht hard u can seem to post on here so why dont you search forums of a 7 gram pick up thread or some shit here...7 grams-a quarter man lol cmon now dont be lazy
  11. You have a Dylan DP. A man worth helping :cool:
    This is a pic of a quarter, or 7 grams i found with a google search. So u can expect it to be around about that. Not that that looks like the best quarter ive ever seen...
  12. ^^^^^^^not the worst either.
  13. I wouldn't say it's a lot, but it isn't what I would consider a small amount. This is coming from somebody that was married to a dealer at the age of 18... But really if u r truely interested in grams oz etc. research it!!

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