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  1. Picked up a pack of these super crazy looking girls-to-be:
    Drunken Bastard F3

    10 pack, got 15 seeds, so far so good.

    Dropped 8 in water. 4 days later, ZERO percent pop rate. Sent the other 7 to a friend, will see if he has any better luck. Using exact same simple technique that has spawned countless girls (and guys), so am 100% confident its not me, just crap seeds.

    Anyone ever ordered from these folks? Found reviews on Strainly, they seem legit, but zero pop rate, thats some straight ass clownery. Not planning to pursue getting replacements or anything, just don't have time for garbage seeds. Too many others in waiting that are AAA. On that note, first reveal of our genetics list on GC:

    Clones at the top, seeds further down.

    In light of what we have sitting on the shelf waiting for its turn, going to chalk this up "well whatever" and move on.
  2. I never had a whole batch fail like yours did before, but I've definatley experienced some fuckery from seed banks in the past, and now only use 2-3 I trust unless somewhere comes to me under personal recommendation.

    I've had places so good that when I told them 2 of 6 seeds didn't pop they refunded my money and sent 6 new seeds as their first email response which came in like 6 hours from my email.

    Then there are places where you will order 20 photo feminized seeds, they will arrive in a bag labeled FP20 for feminized photo
    After investing a month in growing them, the 2 seeds turned out to be autoflowers. I sent pics of the bag, plants, remaining seeds etc (over the course of 4-5 emails and 2 weeks), all to finally be told.

    "We will be more than happy to replace the ones that you have attempted, but we cannot replace the whole batch unless you use them and they turn out to be autos as well, or you return the unused seeds."

    So yeah a grow schedule screwed up, a month of utilities wasted on autos I didn't order, and they still wanted me to either grow out the other 18 seeds gambling or pay to ship them back first before they would issue s refund. I'd never grown autos before so they were already into stretch by the time I figured it out compared to the photo
    plants on the left.

    I'm slowly turning these autos into something somewhat presentable though now that I know what they are.

    So yeah, maybe I'm just being a bitch, or was spoiled by good customer service in the past, but after screwing up my order and being generally difficult about any returns or refunds, I'm pretty careful in where I get my seeds.

    Also, looks like I'll have to check out the GC seeds at some point.
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  3. Surprise Autos ouch!
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  4. at least they were girls good luck
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