7 day old Seedlings Stopped Growing?

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  1. Hi folks,

    I'll upload some images tonight when I have access to a laptop (on an iPad atm), but I wanted to ask some questions ASAP in hopes someone knows what's going on.

    I planted some White Widow seeds 7 days ago. They germinated fine and grew normally for 3-4 days. I put them under a 100w T5 light (it's 300w total, 4ft, but I only turned on two of the bulbs). Now it seems they have just stopped, or at least SLOWED growing.

    I'm using soil. Germinated them in grodan rockwool cubes and then planted them, rockwool and all, in 1 gallon pots in Fox Farm Ocean Forest. pH was 5.8-6.0 in the run-off. I'm watering with pH 5.8 tapwater only when the soil is dry two knuckles down. I do not have a thermometer or hygrometer yet, but both are in the mail.

    On day 4 I fed them 1/4 strength Bat Guano Extract and Bacterial from No Mercy Supply in Holland. The only concern that I have is the temp. I can't know what it is til I get my thermometer, but at first the lights were at 18/6, and they may have gotten cold during lights out. I've since changed to 24/0 lights on to see if that helps. I think it's the temp because the stems are purple. Is that true, that low temps cause purple stems? And could that be why they are slow growing?

    Any help is much appreciated!
  2. I believe the soil is too acidic.

    Try to nail runoff at 6.3 - 6.8.

  3. Thanks! Can acidic soil cause growth to stop suddenly?
  4. For soil, horrendous things can happen
    on either side of 6.3 - 6.8, unless it is
    required to treat a malady.


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