7 chillum

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  1. I got it from my local flea market what do you think. It has a deep bowl too.
  2. It also change colors.
  3. [quote name="nv954" post="19435536" timestamp="1391101934"]It also change colors.[/quote]Pics?
  4. Got me so baked I forgot the pics lol

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  5. [quote name="nv954" post="19435920" timestamp="1391105709"]Got me so baked I forgot the pics lol[/quote]Noice
  6. Not bad, kind of short for my liking, but good for 7 dollarsSent from my SPH-D710 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. I think its really cute i like it:) i got one for 9$ and I'm selling it for $15. Not very cool for me to do bc im selling it to my cousin but her boyfriends paying for it and she's not the nicest person. Just hope i dont get any bad karma :p"Some people feel the rain, others just get wet" ~Bob Marley
  8. i like the pipe because i can have a cigarrette in the same hand, and light the pipe in my palm. works good for on the go
  9. very nice, i see what you mean about having it in the same hand. i used to do similar with onehitter and a cig...very easy to interchange both, especially in sticky situations.
  10. Reminds me of a photo I saw of Steve-O with two blunts held between three fingers and a cig between the third and fourth, haha
  11. I like the profile pic, Ashley Schafer BMW haha

  12. Lol its Kia
  13. [quote name="PumPum420
  14. Haha that looks good man! Nice find. 
  15. for 7 bucks you cant go wrong, i see pieces like that for 15-20 in headshops all the time, nice!
  16. pretty dope esp for the price
  17. your avatar gets more attention from me anyway
  18. Thanks. I need to change it lol

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