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    Just spotted this the other day..I assume its fairly new but maybe somebody has one already and can share :D..they also have a 240 watt panel..Click on the picture and the description gets bigger- http://htgsupply.com/Product-7-Band-135w-UFO-LED.asp#

    As far as cost goes and not including shipping or the wattage of fans, the 90w UFO runs you approx. $1.7/watt and the 135w UFO-$1.4/watt, which obviously doesn't compare to HID but seems like a fairly good price for leds?..What do you guys think? Do you need all those 'bands' (seems like a good idea but are all necessary?) and would you need more powerful fans in the unit for 3 watt vs. 1 watt leds?

    I run a small setup and figured mixing leds and hps in flowering would provide plants with the most balanced spectrum to yield the most potent buds? Would a small metal halide mixed with the hps be 'better' or 'as good'?
  2. Well here is the pic/info I was talking about in the first post, hopefully htg doesn't mind, what does every one think...?? :smoke:

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  3. Here is my deal with this light...

    Its using 3 watt LED's which Im not a huge fan of (since I've had good success with 1w and I've heard '3w LED's are more like 1.5w LED's)because it cuts your light count down a lot, and by that same notion, cuts down your footprint. The 90w UFO has 90, 1w LED's in about a 1'x1' circular area. This light is half that many LED's. The individual LED's in that picture dont look super spread out, so I am wondering how big of a fixture that is. Maybe its the same size, I dont know, but another issue is, you are spreading 45 LED's out of 7 different bands. That gives you a big spectrum but doesn't leave many for each spectrum...

    I know Im high, and maybe Im wrong...just my thoughts...
  4. I wouldn't buy it. If you want good results, you gotta spend more on LEDs. Look up Spectra panels or Magnum 357 panels.
  5. No you're probably dead on:smoke: ..I don't know too much about leds. I've been told kinda the same thing by others..spread more, lower wattage (.5w, 1w) leds out rather than 3w or 5w "high powered". I also was thinking about the small quantity vs. division among all the "bands". Htg is lacking in their info like how many of each type of led and I'm not gonna speculate from looking at the picture..

    Other thing thats confusing to me is if you look at the 90 watt ufo now it says 2 watt leds in the pic (again lacking in specifics in the description) so I can only assume that they've upgraded or changed the design over time because I swear it used to say 1watt leds earlier this year?!? Have you counted yours Beeze and have 90?

    Whats up omdogg :)..if you don't mind could you just elaborate a little on why the more expensive panels are the way to go? I've heard both of those names frequently..and do you have Spectras website? :smoke::smoke:
  6. I have never used leds for anything other than my night vision camera, which are wavelength specific. Here is what I deduce, that the plants need a fuller spectrum for optimum growth and leds just don't supply that. You can't "dial-in" multiple wavelengths. I know they keep trying to problem solve the leds. I have had great luck with t5 mixed bulbs and hid with a fuller spectrum bulb. They are proven performers.
  7. i added one of these lights to a 400w hps on my autoflower grow and i definitely saw a big increase in growth. however i dont know how it would work by itself. i think people are also having pretty good luck using them in combination with cfls. you can call htg and someone will explain it to you better if you want.
  8. I bought the 90w tri-band from them and must say it rocks in veg. I never flowered with it though. I don't see why this 7 band would not be as good or better? Especially being mixed with HPS.

  9. He is right on that one. Ive had 3 LEDs and eventually moved up to a big boy 5 watter Solarstorm. Also have a 240w Blackstar panel. I find the Blackstar grows 1-2 plants just fine.

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