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  1. Graet news for me, about a week after planting (outdoor plant) i see 7 of my 7 planted female seeds came up. they are about 2 inches high alraedy, look great. Fyi, they are in party cups in the ground so the top of the cup is ground level.

    1 problem, seems a catapiller (prolly) has already muched al ittle on one of my babies! i cant think of a better place to keep my cups...should i spray something around the area?

    oh also, when should i water if im a week in right now?

    thx :))))
  2. If the soil is feeling dry they are thirsty NOW
  3. More likely slugs than caterpillars. Lots of proprietary anti-slug methods.
  4. Soil is not very dry, but i will water a little tomorrow. I didnt see any slugs but i saw some beetles and a cata chilling in my cups. i killed them and sprayed some schults expert planter insect stuff around the immediate area.

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