7.5g of Morning Glory Seeds in Orange Juice

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  1. I recently went to Home Depot and bought 5 bags of Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Seeds, each containing 1.5g of seeds. I went back to my dorms, washed them well with soap and water and ground them up on the "Fine" setting on my coffee grinder. I placed them in about 10 oz. of orange juice for 2 days, after the 2 days were up, I strained the large chunks of the seeds out of the orange juice, and it has been setting for the past 4 days in my refrigerator. I have been reading quite a bit, but haven't found anything about what happens if I leave them in there for an extended period of time, other than soaking them in Everclear for 3 days and it will have an absinthe like effect.

    Any input?
  2. Hmmm sounds like an interesting idea try it and tell us how intense it is
  3. aprox how many seeds is that?
  4. I got the idea from reading that LSA has a very low absorption rate in water, and that citric acid speeds up the ingestion in your body. Letting them sit for a week in the water/citric acid mixture (orange juice) seemed like a good idea.

    I counted that each pack contained around 40-50 seeds. So I will be ingesting anywhere from 200-250, possibly split the dose with a much more experienced friend so we can both experience it together. This is a high common to a strong dose on Erowid.
  5. Don't mean to burst your bubble buddy but, if you have 50 seeds in each packet, and you got 5 packets, doesn't that gives you... 250 seeds total. Per person you're only going to have 125/100 seeds per person.... Unless i'm missing something....
  6. Yes, that's if we each drink half, but this is still a common dose on Erowid.
  7. interesting
  8. I've been testing out mg seeds and get baseline BARELY noticeable difference at ~30 seeds. So if you have a similar tolerance/weight as me ~125 should do something.
    Male & 135lb
    xD I'm skinny
    Good luck man, you can always try a larger amount later.
  9. Oh, I'll probably need to drink the whole bottle myself then. I'm 6'4" and weight 220... I'm a pretty easy bake though. 2 nights ago I drank a bottle of Wal-Tussin Long Acting (DXM only, about 350mg), and ate about 8 bites of Hash & Cheese (Mac & Cheese con marijuana) and was became part of my bed, that was spinning through space...

    With it being fully absorbed into the water, and the addition of the citric acid, I think it might be enough though. Maybe add a couple shots of 100+ alcohol (i.e. Everclear)? I've heard if you let that soak up for 3 days you can get high almost immediately.

  10. Well I bet 100+ will help change your cognition but it won't make you "high almost immediately". Last summer i made mg blotters xD and chased it with vodka.. Didn't make it come on any faster.
    And I think the citric acid is just a myth but I have no evidence so yea..
    Good luck on your journey.
  11. def. let us know on how this goes. :)
  12. Here is where I got my information.


    I'm not saying the 100+ seeds will make me high instantly, but the addition of alcohol to my already 6-day-old mixture of OJ and seeds, might give me the effect that they speak of?
  13. whats this supposed to do to you
  14. I was told that the seeds you buy from store contain something to make you feel sick, because they know people eat them for obvious purposes other than growing it.
  15. From my experience, you're better off with woodrose nuts.

    But for MGs, here's what I did to experience some mild wall-melting/breathing effects and a bit of disorientation.

    I soaked ~1000 seeds in 4oz of everclear in a seran-wrapped pan. I try to use as little alcohol as possible, so using a long thin pan is good.
    Also, I grind the MGs in a coffee grinder into a coarse powder. Only enough to sandify it, don't make it poofy or inhaleable like flour.
    I soaked for about 45 minutes (impatient, I am) then strained the goop off.
    Took it in two shots, chased with a high-caffeine citrus energy drink, with a pair of 1000mg vitamin C tablets. (I tried all three rumors. Citric acid, ascorbic acid/C, and caffeine)
    After that it was waiting, not sure how long but less than an hour
    I was rather nauseated but shortly after the nausea things got trippy.

    Overall, wasn't that pleasant. I still wanna try real LSD. This LSA ain't my bag.

  16. I think what the erowid faq was going for was a tincture?

    And you'd just leave that in your mouth and it would pass through into the blood stream.

    But i was thinking you have more of a oj-mg-everclear(190prf) cocktail going there. And that there would be too much for it to chill in your mouth.
    Go ahead and try though it may work.
  17. i dont think your supposed to post how to make drugs in this section

  18. I wouldn't really call it "making" drugs. Just a recipe for seeing special colors and bending objects.
    Besides they're seeds that you can buy at any garden store..
  19. I have only tried MG's once. I ate 350 of the heavenly blues straight, and chewed them up. It was one of the nastiest tastes ever, but the trip was pretty cool. Walls seemed to breathe, colors seemed brighter, I noticed slight trails, and peoples faces looked kind of fucked up like on acid. If you do MG's, dont stare at yourself in the mirror for a long time because it will scare the shit out of you. Its a pretty mild trip, but its definitely worth trying. If I were you, id just girind them with a coffe grinder and down em because that will work for sure.

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