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7.2 Gram bud *pic*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by skelator73, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Picked up an oz yesterday and found this lil gem hangin out in the bag :smoking:
    Best part is the oz was cheap and I got WAAAAY ripped :D

    Toke on GC
  2. nice nug, how much was the onion ?
  3. 100 bucks!!!! :smoking:
  4. Dam, if that's 7g's, that bud must be dense as hell

    enjoy :smoking:
  5. yeh it looks rather small for 7 grams, must be dence, and gj on the 100 for a oz :smoking:
  6. seeeeeeeeddddddddy!
    Quality over Quantity Everytime Gentlemen.

  7. Not everybody can afford it cheif and sometimes good mids get your feeling pretty damn good. I'd probably take 28gs of good mids over a quarter of dank anyday, unless I got some cash to splurge.
  8. i personally pick quality over quantity but good come up enjoy
  9. ye id rather be sober then smoke lower quality
  10. Some people.... 100 for an oz of mids? That would get me around .... 5-7g... Thats why I've been asking everyone I know if they know someone. I just found someone today for 10 a gram instead of the 20 a gram everywhere round here... I'd still take an oz of mids over few g of dank. I need to smoke before bed. When I get money and the right connection... dank is comin my way. Hoping for tonight. Nice pickup.
  11. Couldn't of said it better :hello:
  12. Agreed.
    And to people out there who say you can't afford it.
    Im guessing he means how good the nugs are instead of buying a oz of middies just buy a g of dank or something. Or an 8th even.
  13. I pay to play. Quality +1. Mids still gets you by in between pickups sometimes. I always have a little mids as spare.:D
  14. Nice Lighter and Bud...

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