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  1. happy 666 everyone. smoke alot so we dont all die. i dont worship the devil
  2. fuuuckkkkk meee!!
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  3. Blah, fuck all that bullshit. The world ain't gonna end.
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  4. were all going to die!!!
  5. Lol, someone take shrooms today (June 6th) and tell us how the trip is, lmao...

    Nah but forreal, someone do it.
  6. they'll be seeing the devil and go to hell and shit, get raped in the ass by lucifer, then go sober and find out hes in his friends apartment
  7. Ya, but doesnt every 100 years have a 666?
  8. yeh, but were special
  9. i kno one thing that none of us will ever see another 666
  10. ok guys im gonna go take a nap
  11. Lol, speak for yourself... I'm immortal.
  12. arent we all? wait...
  13. we might! :devious:
  14. trust me the world isnt gonna end...........but it will in the year 2012....idk
  15. no man the world aint goin to end
    but hey whos all goin to see that movie tomorow
    the omen or something
    im gonna go see it stoned
    gonna be some trippy ass shit man
  16. Im poppin an extacy pill tommorrow hope I dont burn for it and phiegnux Im with you on that one 666 it is to obvious 12 is a multiple of six yada yada yada toy get the point
  17. damn everybody going crazy over this...I wonder how my homie is gonna take this day since it is his birthday today........

  18. Hire an exorcist.

  19. I'm gonna get stoned and go see The Omen remake.

    If the world ends, Satan's got my back. lol
  20. technically the only true 666 was 2000 years ago. This is just 6/6/2006, and in 100 years its just 6/6/2106.

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