66 yr young still Hippy at heart :)

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  1. Greetings, lived a proffesional life and semi retired looking to chill out and get back to my roots and buds :) I'm looking to relocate to a friendly state has meical weed avilable, any suggestions?

  2. i am not from the us but from I hear Cali and Washington have really good medical programs. Do you have a condition?

    stay high mate :smoke:
  3. Oregon is pretty much a giant retirement home for old stoners. :smoke:
  4. Sweet, welcome to the GC community ^-^
  5. can't go wrong with California.
  6. Yes I have a condition,a pain in the ass from some of whatlife has brought my way :)But nothing a good joint won't fix :) love Britian , if the weather was better I'd live there...the Lake District my fav
  7. Oregon or Colorado is the place you want to retire to. There are lots of places in Oregon to choose to, but there are only few in Colorado imo, Denver is very nice. Welcome to the city.
  8. thanks, moved from daytona FL to TX now got to get out of this place....tooo hot :)
  9. If you were serious about that place I'd be interseted but you most likely just got a rush and idea :)
  10. The weather in Colorado is some of the best, it can get hot and cold but never too hot or too cold.

    I read on the BBC that people stole a woman's air conditioner from her home, and 2 days later she died from the heat! You folks in America need to stay cool, that weather is literally killer.
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    Welcome to gc, good to see a mixed age in users :)

    How long have you been smoking chief ?

    Ps I could think of a million better places to move to than cold britain, trust me its nothing special man...

    Hope to see you around the forums soon.

    Take care and peace....

  12. The lake district is a grat place for to go and chill but i dont think i could live there
  13. hOW LONG HAVE i BEEN SMOKING ? WELL I was stoned hearing Hendrix play the Star Spangled banner :) was at Height Asbury Ca when it was going on and missed wood stock was in jail lol
  14. Well there are so many factors you could pick for retiring anywhere I will just give the few that I have personally experienced or have known of.

    Oregon rains a lot, and also has a lot of trees and forestry and beautiful scenery, as well the coastal beauty. There is really only one HUGE city, which is Portland, doesn't have mass amounts of skyscrapers like New York city but it's still nice and big. It kind of reminds me of the prairies but with hills and small canyons in the background also gave me an old fashioned type feeling.

    Denver is close to central America so at least your surrounded by lots of different states if you like to road trip or travel, but the city of Denver itself is about the same size as Portland, but imo looks bigger, it also seems cleaner and full of nicer people. Not saying there is no nice people in Oregon, but maybe cause it wasn't raining all the time people just seemed more outgoing and friendly in Denver. Has very nice scenery as well but more Mountains (lots and huge) and also has some forestry.

    You could research anywhere, but yes I definitely agree to getting out of Texas :)
  15. lol that sucks you where in jail for woodstock. i hear the best things about the Colorado scene To Be Honest, or Oregon, but i wouldn't fucks with living in Cali.

    Too much people and personally not what im into.
  16. Welcome, good move getting out of Daytona Beach, but Texas? Happy to see there's somebody older than me on GC...
  17. Can't go wrong with any state on the west coast
  18. Oregon man. was there for 10 yrs. just moved to TX myself.

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