6500k Walmart?

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  1. Does walmart carry 6500k cfl's? The closest one is far and I looking on their website but they don't disclose that type of information.
  2. I got mine at walmart they are called daylight bulbs, they are in light blue packaging, and they say 6500k on the back at the top and on the front going up on the left side.
  3. [​IMG]

    They come in a package of two, GE brand, like the ones pictured above, except I think they come in a Blue packaging with 6500k smacked somewhere on the front. As far as I know these are the only 6500k that Walmart sells. Just bought a couple last week lol
  4. if you don't want to have so many bulbs, there are much stronger ones at home depot and menards (if you have those), or maybe other hardware stores. Im running some 100 watt equivalents right now, and they were only like 10-12 bux each.
  5. What's the brand of the 100w equivelents? I went to home depot and couldn't find any 6500k:mad:
  6. ecobulb. just got back from the store and bought even bigger ones 200w equiv's 14 bux 6500 degrees, still ecobulb.
  7. Whats the actual wattage on them?

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