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$65 for eight of trainwreck

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GillyTHEkid, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. whats up blades, ive been takin some off the marj j due to some circumstances but ive decided to get back into it.

    i have a aquantince that is willing to sell me eighth of supposbly trainwreck for $65. the most ive bought is 2g's so i dont know how the pricing goes for a eight :D

    what do you guys think, am i getting a good deal, ripped off or is it a fair price. :poke:

    appreciate the help.
  2. In my area i payed 60 per 1/8 when i bought it a few times last week. It depends on where you live but 65 is getting pretty steep. If it is legit trainwreck and you have enough money than go for it man, but otherwise if you are strapped for cash then i would advise against it.
  3. Its depends on your area, but 65 an eighth is a little pricey. Remember that's 3.5g, and you should get a lit discount for buying in (Semi) Bulk.
  4. your def getting taxed, 60 bux is the highest i`ve ever paid
    but trainwreck is one of my all time fav strains (sativas) so i`d go 4 it,
    shit cop a quater, it might not be around for long
  5. thanks for the help fellas

    yeah i assumed i was gettin taxed since its rare for him to hook someone up. ill try mentioning 60 since i kno him well.

    what strain is trainwreck?

  6. What...? ...Its Trainwreck. That is the strain. If you're asking what species of Cannabis Trainwreck is then it is a Sativa.

    You Americans pay so much for weed.
    I pay 25 dollars for 3.5 grams of mids or 30 for 3.5 grams of dank.

  7. SWEET DUDE! .....want a cookie?
  8. Not us "Americans" thank you. I would never pay more then 40 an eighth.. and it better be dank at 40.
  9. "You Americans..."

  10. not sure what its cross with, but i know its a sativa dom, maybe 85 sativa 15 indica, dont quote me on it
    i can always tell if its legit trainwreck by the nugs, they have this distinct popcorny look to em and breakdown different,
    last batch i had was grown medically, shipped from humbolt county. made me scream cus i was so high. haha
    trainwreck is that shit.

  11. yea bro 65 an eigth is way too much. double the price of bud here in nor cal. idk where you're at, but the prices are different everywhere so where youre at it might be normal for that price. you just gotta get accustomed to your area and find a dealer you trust
  12. 65 is pretty expensive for a hq where I live. For dro I pay 55 for a 1/4
  13. for trainwreck. yes i'd pay it. how will you know? you'll know.
  14. i talked to my dude and he said $60 is cool, but i talked to another person and he said he could do $60 for a eigh of OG Kush.

    i trust the OG kush guy more then the other dude with the trainwreck but i a sativa strain because i wanna be active instead of jus bummin on the couch.

    i did some research and found out that OG kush is a mix of half n half of sativa and indica.

    soo... my question is, how have you guys felt after tokin on og kush?
  15. i'm gonna say OG is a smoother smoke, but trainwreck will get you blown almost immediately. if it was me, i'd go with the trainwreck, although they are both high quality strains. if people know you're a new toker, they'll probly try and tag their bud with good names because you don't know any better.
  16. Hahaha give me my cookie.:p
    Americans. What else should I call you?

    I wasn't bragging. Its hard to find dank around here.
  17. I'd pay $60 at the ABSOLUTE most. $65's pushing it, then again its only $5 more.
  18. I'd get a good look/whiff of it, because I only pay $60 for an eighth of good dank, but if it's legit why not go for it?

  19. Where r u located?

    Because they probably aren't selling you Trainwreck or OG Kush. I wouldn't get too caught up on what people here tell you the smoke it like because many of them have access to Medical strains which actually legit and nothing like what u will be getting.

    Unless ofcoarse you know the grower....
  20. I get that for 50....

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