610 true watt led, 2x blue cheese, 2x blue island. 4x2 tent

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  1. This is my 1st grow, 1 week into flowering any suggestions? How do things look?

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  2. They still look pink. Hard for anyone to give an opinion under that light. Take a pic under natural light. But yeah, as far as I can see they look fine.
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  3. I will take a pic later tonight once my plants wake up, thanks for the suggestion
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  4. Pay attention. Be willing to change what fails you. trust your eyes. Don't give up. Try, try again.
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  5. I think overall your plants look pretty great!
    It's already been mentioned that with the purple lights it's very hard to offer any feed back on the general health of the plants.

    Some questions for you:
    What is the grow space and lighting specs?
    Are they all the same strain?
    What size pots are those now?
    Are the plants Autos/photoperiod?
    Are they feminized/regular?

    My immediate feelings, you are doing great to fill up the canopy. However those plants are going to want to bush out. You can already see the lower sections of each plant branching some.

    I have a feeling that you are going to need to show these plants some seriously tough love, coupled with aggressive training not to out grow the space and keep a level canopy.

    This is going to be a lot of fun though. And ask questions here if you are stuck. For us getting started, each stage was a battle. Popping seeds, seedlings, veg, flower, harvest, curing. Seriously each stage. But bring your issue to the forum and do your own research and the answers should help you immensely.

    Good luck!
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    Duplicate post so I removed it
  7. What is the grow space and lighting specs? 2x4x5, around 610w from wall (manufacturer calls them 600w for two of them and 1000w for two of them....lol)

    Are they all the same strain? 2 strains blue island and blue cheese

    What size pots are those now? 3 in 3 gallon, 4 in 1.5 gallon

    Are the plants Autos/photoperiod? Photo

    Are they feminized/regular? Regular, I started with 10 plants, already weeded out 3 males and suspect 2 of the remaining 1.5 gallons are males. Once I've confirmed I will weed them out and try training the remaining plants for an even canopy.
  8. Thanks again for the help
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    Current daytime ambient (ignore the return air supply air headings, two different probes in two different places in tent.)
    conditions Screenshot_20181013-102123_Gallery.jpg
  10. Blue cheese man thats a tasty strain ,do you know who the breeder is ,,is it Big Buddha's or Barny's farm .or other breeder ,,,,i grew the big buddha strain and it was real tasty ..and stinky ...,mac..
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    Current night time growing conditions (ignore the return air supply air headings, two different probes in two different places in tent) Screenshot_20181013-102154_Gallery.jpg
  12. Both are from jahseeds
  13. Here is a pic with the leds off, I've weeded out 2 more males and am confident the remaining 5 are females. I have started training the remaining plants. 20181014_065413.jpg
  14. I posted a pic without the pink, how do they look?
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  15. Mostly green! ;) What is your medium...is that coco? How are you watering without having something to catch the run-off?
  16. Coco yes, I am removing them 1 by 1 and watering them by hand with botanicare flowering nutes. My ph is around 6, I am mostly using tap water that has sit out for a few days to hopefully remove the chlorine. The tent does have a sort of tray for run off.
  17. Being my 1st grow removing them 1 by 1 also gives me a good chance to inspect them, in the future I will have to get the hang of watering them in place because I would like to experiment with a scrog setup with feminized seeds
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  18. In a couple weeks you will not want to be carting them around to water as the plants will have become top heavy and you risk snapping stems. Your tap water is probably fine. You really should be watering to run-off...pouring off or sucking out (I use a wet vac) the run-off that does not get sucked back into the pot in 10-20 minutes. You do have holes in the bottom, right? I don't think you really want your tent bottom to be your run-off catcher...get a couple plastic bins or tubs.
  19. I have a couple dollar store roasting pans that i water them in and out of every 5 or so gallons there is about a gallon that runs off into the pan. Good idea with the shop vac, I will attempt to water them in place at next watering.
  20. The 3 gallon pots get about 5 gallons water/nutes once the pots are a little light and dry. The 1.5 gallons about 4 gallons water/nutes. A lot of water/n9utes goes down the basement floor drain. Lol
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