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    I am thinking of starting a small single plant/light tent grow in my attic as no one uses it and it is pretty big for an attic. Please tell me any problems you have encountered before with an attic grow. I am also open to tips!
    My Conditions:
    Cold, coming up to winter in late November (southern Ontario )
    Attic has no insulation, you can touch the wood and vents leading outside.
    Dry cold winter air.
    60 x 60 x 160 grow tent .
    I know most of the basics but i have a few specific questions for other attic growers and all growers in general
    #1  How should i keep it at around 75 dgrs?  Space heater or heater inside the tent?  What type of heater? Is there a light i could use for the plant that would also keep it hot enough inside the tent ?  Should i insulate the tent?
    #2 What lights should i use?
    #3 Is it possible to grow without fans (are they really a necessity for the plant) ? The plant will still get ventilation from the whole in the tent and the vents in the roof of my house/attic  is this enough?
    #4 Seedling conditions?  I just planted a seedling about an inch tall  and am moving it into the tent this weekend.  Can i simply drop the seedling in the middle of the tent and let it grow or do i have to make specific seedling related modifications ( mini greenhouse for moister?) ?

  2. Also, will keeping the attic 75 dgrs with a space heater melt the snow on my roof the odd time there is snow ? 
    If it does melt the snow, would a heater inside the tent (with heavy insulation)  keep the tent hot enough but the roof cold enough for snow to not melt 
  3. Attics can be tricky, to cold in winter to hot in summer. A small thermostat controlled greenhouse heater would help when the lights are off. Will it melt the snow? Who knows? An LED or CFL's are probably the best bet for light in a small space, I'd stay away from HID system.
    Read through the grow tutorials on here and try this site http://www.growweedeasy.com/

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