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  1. Im 18 and a senior at highschool. My buddies and I have a spot that we smoke at daily called 'the chill spot'. Its right by a bunch houses being built so workers are freqeunt. Luckily they don't bother us much because are spot is down a little ways.

    Yesterday it was buisness as usual, smoking some bowls, sitting in a circle talking about nothing. All of a sudden we hear ear shattering screams rip the air. After about fifteen seconds the screams go dead. My friends and I, who were pretty high by that time, look around, expecting a police officer to come busting down our fort. We then proceed to hear men yelling phrases that i thought to be ' hey there not supposed to be down there!'

    Thinking the worst we bolt up out of our spot, run to the road and see three men on bycicles riding towards us, one being a cop. We feared the worst and basically flipped out. We all ran in seperate dirrections.

    Later we found that another senior, who i know very well, was being brutally beaten and rapped under neath the bridge right next to our spot. The cops and screaming were all because of that.

    I don't know how to feel, i feel pretty weirded out though. Its all over the central coast news. The town was Arroyo Grande, California. If any of you saw it on the news, just know this; i was there, and my friends and I TOTALLY bitched out.
  2. Wow that's some serious shit... I dont know wtf i'd do if i got home and realized what was goin on... crazy
  3. ya dude im still kinda scared to go to our spot for fear of being rapped
  4. Thats crazy man...i just looked that up...did she get raped too? the story says the dude was beatin her with rocks and his fists and she screamed and then he ran.


    He'll get his in prison. believe it or not inmates have their own code of conduct, rapists and pedos are bitches in the pen
  5. makes you wonder what else is going on at the sites of major news stories.
  6. idk about rapping thats just what i heard, ya dude hopefully he gets his ass beat. God thats so trippy lol. i thought for sure it was the principle on the bike coming to get us in trouble. Hes a major dick like that
  7. What's the big deal, rappers are people too...
  8. I believe the term is Rapist, instead of Rapper.

    But i agree, but he was going for an ugly chick so, he deserves to be molested by Big Bill in the state pen/
  9. Damn that shit's fucked! I can't even begin to wonder how I would feel if there was a person being raped near me and I could have helped her to safety but didn't because I had no idea what the fuck was going on. I know you had no idea but still...what ifs play a crucial part in this. You hear a woman screaming at the top of her lungs and you guys just bounce? I would have at least investigated where it came from; paranoia and fear shouldn't be blamed. Hopefully she escaped without much harm.
  10. Well it wasnt quite like that. You see alot of us have been in trouble with the school already. And we have one of those " zero tolerance " schools. So its safe to say i would definetly not put it past one of our teachers to follow us to our spot. The paranoia and fear plays a crucial part in why we interpreted what was going on incorrectly. Im sure if we were not high, we would have been G.I. Joe on that motherfucka.

    But i was way to high lol. Good thing shes aight
  11. hay man can u post a link plz?
  12. See, no offense, but this is where black people and white people differ. That's why there aren't any black people on shows like Scooby Doo and shit. Black people hear some loud ass screaming, they aren't sticking around, let alone go investigate shit. And there's cops in the area on top of all that???? Just a baaaaad situation for a black man:p:p:p:p
  13. Wtf, I'm not white :p. I am a mexiCAN not a mexiCAN'T haha.
  14. Welp, now i look like a complete dick for making that racist assumption. :eek::cool::p:devious::mad::D:eek::(;)
  15. What interests me the most about this story is that there are so many people who are seniors and eighteen in this section.
  16. Damn that's the biggest buzz kill ever

  17. TRUTH! All cops, of all races, profile. They hear a woman screaming, see 3 black guys, under the influence of weed = fucked by the long dick of the law. & its not just blacks.
    We dont stick around to see the action. Theres a reason why they say if you see a bunch of black ppl running, you better run too.
  18. Bro, I'm not even a senior yet but I am old enough to be on this website. It just means I made some rather poor decisions regarding my education while I was young. Everyone has their story.
  19. Shit dude, I read about that at sanluisobispo.com. I wouldn't say you totally bitched out since you didn't know what was going on. Luckily someone saw the girl get yanked under the bridge and helped out.

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