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  2. Seems like an easy question. Go fishing with your pops! You said its a rare occasion and your friends have work in the morn anyway. Do you see your friends a lot?

    oh, btw Happy b day man!
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    *edit* If you hang out with friends how long would the party be? Couple hours? You said they worked in the morning (I missed that). Meh, get high and go finishing.
  4. dude i was gonna come in hott with some heavy troll shit :D...drink or fish??;)

    but since you put it that way, your birthday comes around once a year, do what you really enjoy at heart

    “The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.”

    -Judy Garland
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  6. well let me be the first to say there's nothing like a relaxing with few cold ones while out on the lakes... so if possible drink and fish?

    but i'm sure if that were an option you'd be considering it, so idk.. hmm, i guess what he ^ said... whichever you feel you enjoy most.

    oh, and happy birthday!
  7. Should not be a question. Fish. My father is still alive but we both have responsibilities (now I'm the father and provider and he is the partially retired business owner) but just a chance to go out on the boat and fish again would be worth so much.

    First time I ever really drank with my father was when I was under 21. First time I smoked a Winston 100 (his pack of course) was with him. Talked about life and views on the world as we got older and then children and raising them.

    If that's not enough fish. If you get done early enough go have a few drinks before work or what not in the morning.
  8. Drink while you fish.


    Let your father operate the vehicle and boat though.
  9. Why don't you go fishing in the morning, say around Sun rise. Get a nice wake and bake sesh in before that, go fishing, then go home around noon, shower up, then begin drinking. Or am I missing something that's stopping you from doing that?
  10. Get your dad a beer and fish with him.
  11. No reason not to engage in both activities with some herbs as well. :smoke:
  12. Go out with your old man.

    FUCK AFD! lol.

    Happy birthday, man.
  13. I said drink. But that is a biased opinion from me. Someone who despises and does not posses a father.

    Oh and Happy Birthday man!

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