600Watt Hps Best Strain Yeild/potency

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  1. What would be the best strain to run under a 600watt hps yeild/potency 160cmhigh 80 by 80 cm wide
  2. if its your first grow, try a strain like skunk 1, very stable and a great smoke 
    yeild ok, could go for 4 plants in that space
    The 600w hps is ok in the 80 x 80 but could cover a 1m x 1m  so you will get less yeild but at the same time the buds should be more dank
    you will need a higher airflow to keep the temps cool in a smaller room
  3. 165 in length 65 in width and 160 in height what wold you recommend now?
  4. 2 x 400w hps are made for a room that size :smoke:
  5. I've already got the 600watt now
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    A 600w will cover about 1.2m in lenght
    so you put the light in the middle and have 2 big osclating fans, one each end
    this will increas the airflow loads on help your plants

    Could do a scrog to max the yeild

    Or another ideal
    Make 2 rooms, 1m long and the other 60cm
    you can have some in veg and flower at all the times
    You will yeild some fresh bud every 2 mouths

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