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  1. Hi All,

    I've grown before but this is my first journal; I may also start an outdoor journal for a new crop that has just sprouted. I grow for personal use only.

    Anyway, here is my set-up:

    -4x4 grow tent (generic)
    -600w Digital Greenhouse set-up from HTG supply with an AgroMax HPS bulb
    -Plants were started in plastic cups
    -2nd containers were 1 g pots (generic)
    -Final flowering containers are 3 g pots
    -medium is basic Lowes potting soil; the kind that claims "9 mo of feeding"
    -I water with tap water; 1 gallon jugs are filled and allowed to sit open for at least 24 h before capping or using
    -Today was the first fertilization; I just gave them a few "glugs" of basic Miracle Grow mixture along with the usual watering; I may do this once a week

    When I first started growing a couple years ago, I went at it pretty hard. I was cloning, tending mothers, I had crops at different stages of growth at any one time; I was basically running a small, clandestine greenhouse.

    I then stepped back and realized I had turned a nice hobby into work!

    I harvested a crop last fall and basically turned-out the light for a bit. I was burned-out.

    Then I decided to get going again with a new attitude and approach: use the KISS principle "Keep It Simple Stupid"!

    I am now trying give the minimum effort needed to harvest a "decent" yield. I am in no way neglectful of the girls but I don't let them run my life. I am trying to "optimize" yields as opposed to "maximizing" yields.

    I order from Nirvana (nirvanashop.com) and only get feminized seeds. I grow all plants from seed. I usually top the plants after the fourth node has appeared. I mainly do this to keep the plants a bit shorter.

    In this grow, I have 2-Snow White, 2-Black Jack, and 2-Venus Fly Trap. These plants have been flowering for 13 days.

    Unfortunately, one of the Snow White plants has a strange chlorosis that I attribute to an unknown genetic problem. I don't hold this against Nirvana, it's something that just occasionally happens. As a side note, in the past, every time I have had a young plant display a strange growth characteristic it almost always carries all the way through the growth process and affects yield. In other words, if the plants are going to problematic, they usually display problems very early in the growth process.

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  2. Hi There,

    Here are some new pics. Day 16 of flowering. There is a sharpie in the base of the pot for scale. I'm not a photographer but I think you get the picture. :wave:

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  3. Oops, I mislabeled one of the pictures and uploaded it 2x and sideways. Sorry. I'll fix it next time.
  4. Hey all,

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  5. Hey All, please ignore my request. I found the answer and I found Marlon Asher...my bad.

    We can all find the answers ourselves (usually) given time or need.


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  6. Hey,

    OK, this is day 25 of flowering.

    Some notes:

    1) One of the Snow Whites has been pulled from the grow. It was chlorotic, spindly and just overall a sad plant. It is now in front of a sunny southern facing window and will be allowed to progress as well as it is able; but it will not be receiving detailed attention.

    2) The second Snow White stretched quite a bit and the flower development seems to be a bit slow compared to the other plants. It looks healthy and am not concerned about it but it does seem to be developing a little more slowly but that is fine; I'm in no rush.

    2) I think I over watered one of the Blackjacks. I am now being a bit more careful with water.

    3) The Venus Flay Trap looks fantastic. They are stout and thick and are showing fantastic flower development.

    4) All plants are now showing distinct trichome development.

    5) Odor is mild and manageable.

    6) I was away for a few days. When I leave for extended periods, I do not let the 600W HPS handle the lighting. On those occasions, I resort to a bank of 7, 43W CFL's. I do this partially because I worry about heat build-up if I am not around to intervene. I also am just a bit of a nervous nelllie when it comes to leaving a HID run for several days without "supervision". I call these "cloudy days" and try to take them into account as I get near the end of flowering.

    See ya!

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  7. Along with a respectable yield, one of my additional goals is to have a journal that goes to completion without a single comment from an outside observer. That would be interesting:rolleyes:.
  8. Ha, sorry to ruin your plans. ;)
  9. Hi All,

    OK, day 31 of flowering. Here is what's going on in the tent:

    1) The two venus fly traps are very robust and seem happy. One is a bit taller and the other is very stout. I have photos of both.

    2) The blackjack looks good; the over watered plant seems fine.

    3) The snow white seems happy but is progressing a bit more slowly than the other gals. It is also showing purple highlights which is interesting.

    Not much more to report. Enjoy the pics.

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