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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by danieletn, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Hi, I am planning to start growing with some friends and I need advice.
    I did some research and found out scrog.
    I was planning on a 1mx1m box with 600w hid (is hps good also for veg or do I need mh?) with scrog.
    I already have 5 white rhino seeds, white rhino is 80 indica and 20 sativa, really bushy and short.
    Do you think that 4 plants under a 3x3 feet screen is enough or do I need more seeds?
    Thank you
  2. 4? Hell, try two. Give 'em a foot and a half a piece. That's what scrog is for, gettin the most out of fewer plants.
    Are they fem'd seeds?
    HPS is best in flower and good in veg. MH is best for veg.
  3. Thanks for the ultra quick answer.
    The seeds are feminized.
    Another question:
    Are hid hybrid light any good for veg plus flowering?
    Thank you again
  4. Hybrid light? Got a link? I'm not sure what you're refering to.
    i can say the closer to natural sunlight you get the better though.
  5. Hi, I cannot find the hybrid bulb in my shop anymore, but this is another link, HiLux Gro - Grow Light - Horticulture - USHIO

    Any, back to the plants, how much space do you think I need between the net and the pots?
  6. Ah, another question if you don't mind.
    How much time would you expect for germinating, veg stages?
    The strain I have shoul be around 55-60 flow.
    Thank you
  7. <---yes. :hello:
  8. Oh, yes, I see that, but I need a rough estimate of how long will my veg take, like 2 week or 2 months, because I have got some holidays in which I won't be home, and that colud be a problem. Ah, I can just aask you.
    Can I have a 1 week holiday without screwing up everything?
  9. i would say (if i had to choose between the two), that 2months of veg is alot more accurate than 2 weeks, but thats just a "one or the other" answer. and about your other question... Yes. you can do what you're doing AND have a life, at the SAME time :hello:.
    Research DIY drip systems.:wave:
  10. yes, I know the drip system, but for the fertilizers, the lst and training?
    Thanks again
  11. and you are only gonna be gone for a week (7days)? just do some LST right before you leave, and give that week to let them recover from it, and schedule in advance to have your watering with nutes, the week before you leave, and feed em when you get home. :cool:
  12. Yeah, during veg I will be going for a week, but I think that for the christmas holidays I could be gone for more, 2 weeks or a bit more, for that time I should be some weeks before harvesting, do you think it's okay?
    Thanks again for all the help :hello:

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