600w HPS organic Purple Kush

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  1. So to start this off simple gotten a Purple Kush clone will be raising her to motherhood to then raising her wonderful children.
    She will be kept under cfls her whole life most likely.

    I am just using simple cfl set up right now will be using a 600w hps maybe 400w mh for veg in decided.

    Not whole lot more to say look forward to this journal ! :)
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  2. Here’s a pic of my future mother.
    Can’t wait! 660DE91B-6351-4432-9721-B41B782AABF7.jpeg
  3. E2B25461-EE4B-454F-B07F-E9CF9430FB9D.jpeg 01B2EB1D-24D9-483E-8BD3-F05CE1AC72F7.jpeg day 9 since rooting
    Think I will be doing all cfl for veg then finishing veg with 600w hps, then flipping to flower
    Will be doing all organic as well.
  4. Transplanted today had roots coming out of bottom & all around pot.

    Fed / mixed Gaia nutrients all purpose 4-4-4.
    Day 11 since rooted. Doing well

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  5. Day 14 Since rooting
    Taking transplant and feeding well. Growing good quickly healthy beautiful

    C476F3F7-DAAE-46C7-B6B4-5E9F6683E096.jpeg 33E146F9-D5DB-43DD-92D3-E5C1B6192298.jpeg
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  6. HEalthy as looking bro
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  7. Oh shit! Look who’s growin again.
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  8. Nice to see ya bud.
    Need to do some catching up on yours!
    But as always looks stellar!

    Quite excited for this grow, she’s doing good and its great great granddaughter of bud I got from a buddy it was amazing PK

    Also celebrating of recreational weed usage and buying & growing country wide legalization.
    Soon there will be a store in town that I can wander down to and grab a couple gram and go smoke it in my yard openly then go inside and care for four plants ( only allowed 4 no height limit tho they where gonna make 3 ft max . so I’ll probably get my medical again so I can grow more. ) How weird :0, weird to think about that!
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  9. That’s awesome man! My current grow is probably my best so far. Some really good genetics. You growing the mother out then taking clones to flower or take clones and flower the mother?
  10. Im not entirely sure to honest..4 plants make it difficult, trying to think most effective way about this. On second hand by time these guys are done there will be clones for sale locally so I may just clone 3 more then veg all them grow em big flower all four and start new.. I am extremely indecisive though as I’m sure you remember so not sure.
    Any advice on four plant max I’d be happy to hear.
    I was also thinking perpetual start this girl clone her in 2 weeks ( at 4 weeks ) raise her to 8 weeks then flower then second clone gets cloned and she raised till 8 weeks then flower and so on
  11. Perpetual would be cool. Wouldn’t make harvest time such a pain. As for advice I would start training once they start getting 5-6 nodes. Hey just went through and topped all my clones. I am trying uncle bens method on my seeds. So far next grow is looking good. He problem I am having with my current grow is the buds are too heavy for the tiny branches since I didn’t train them.
  12. Nice!
    yah that must be shitty, I guess that’s why sticks an zips exist tho :p
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  13. Day 18 since rooting 22160C48-143F-4903-89BD-72E96CAADB1D.jpeg
    Under hps now.
    Soil doesn’t seem to be drying or draining very quickly :(
    Top bit is dry under at bottom super moist tho BBE121AA-89BA-4BBC-BC5E-C99278DC64D1.jpeg
  14. Pots pretty big for the plant. It will catch up but that’s why
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  15. I kinda assume my soil was not great either just bot and mixed up some good shit should be happy now
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  16. 4DFB3718-D0AD-4E57-857C-D765643329B3.jpeg 54E94BB0-86D0-4F7D-99B4-284F2B9A0037.jpeg Day 25 since rooting nothings changed I think I shocked her with transplant and light change. Last two days grown up but other than that..
  17. Doesn’t mean shock. Most of the growth going on you probably can’t see :Love-Plant:
  18. True
  19. 80FDAC28-FFFD-4505-9CF7-7B0FF44627EF.jpeg 90FBF447-C3B4-4A0E-90FE-F33414524913.jpeg 1CC9DA90-728A-42F4-859B-87245E87BE66.jpeg Day 27 she went BOOM the last two days. See new growth every time I look.
    Increased air flow to roots some more drain holes as well sitting on grate not solid anymore so free airflow under pot and I believe her roots established obviously and now she is eatin drinking an growing amazing again ☺️.
    Little bit of stretch up but she also had 3 new node growths in the last 48 hrs compared to the essentially zero growing the week prior
    You where right as usual WSWS

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