600w hps how many plants?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by shaps1985, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. evening fellow growers just wondering, in your opinion how many plants a 600w hps light will grow?
  2. Six plants easily, depending on the dimensions of your grow space, maybe more.
  3. thanx that's cool I haven't built the grow box yet what size would u recommend
  4. for about 5-6 plants
  5. what are you gonna be growing, auto's, regular ?, are you gonna lst your plants ,these things will help with space requirements, what are ya planning on growing?
  6. nothing major iv grown a few auto lowryder 2's before just got one finishing off in temporary box at the mo but iv got one auto lemon one auto blueberry one ak47 and one trainwreck all fem( i planted them in seed trays last nite hopefully they pop up in the next few days). but ill prob go for regulars in the future i may experiment with lst in later grows

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