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600w hps how many plants?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by shaps1985, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. evening fellow growers just wondering, in your opinion how many plants a 600w hps light will grow
  2. 6-9 plants. 100watts per plant is a guideline that some people use but i've seen people go with 9 plants also.
  3. cheers mate
  4. hey guys just a lil follow up on this, would you want to grow less plants bigger lets say two per 600w or like leaf said 6-9 per 600w
  5. smaller id imagine

  6. Think of it this way, say your goal is a pound. You'd need to veg those 2 plants longer to achieve a pound than if you were to veg 6-9 plants. It's all about what you're able to do with your setup.

    Personally If I had a 600w hps I'd go with 8 plants with a scrog or something along those lines
  7. Dude,get like a 400w MH with 12 plants for 3 months and then put them under 1000w HPS for flowering..

    I learned its a waste to have a huge light while the plants are still kinda small
  8. More plants does not necessarily mean more buds.

    I do best with my 600 watt with two plants in a scrog.
    If I do more plants, I get about the same, but more B grade buds
  9. If it were me, I'd run the 600 in a 3x3 space with 9 LST'd plants in 2gal pots, one per square foot. Each plant with 6-8 main stems pruned for no popcorn.

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  10. 2 to 4 depending on veggie time I'd say I'm not a professional but not a freshman in marijuanology either go check out ne1cangrow or the closet farmer in youtube he does 1 plant in 1 cabinet and 2 in other and got more off the 1 more A plus bud to be exact and he got 550 grams with no co2 just vented air from outside and a hellafied lst also with a manual hydro setup
  11. I don't know... It seems to be to each his own.

    I grow minly clones, got around 60/80 in one bud mode, they are not very high (80cms for the tallest) and produce around 10/15grs per plant.

    When I first grew the mothers, I had 10 plants, a mix of sativa and indica, and they went fine (around 20/30 grams per flowered plant).

    I guess all depends on your setup and how you tke care of your babies.

  12. number of plants can depend on a couple things...you need to factor in your room size, lights, and grow method. considering all of these will better help you determine the number of plants you need or want
  13. One thing to remember well with me cause I'm in the states is the less plants the less the consequence before I do 100 clones and enter into a mandatory 25 year sentence I'd stagger the veggie room and put a single plant in flower I'd veggie one for 2 months and at a month take a clone so it will have three months to veggie while the one flowers and then take a clone at a month off the veggie plant move let them grow while the other finish flowering and keep moving them with this method so I only use three plants which is probably a slap on the wrist as opposed to the more is better besides I like for my space to be small because I aim for outdoor intensity so I go 1.5 x 3 with a 400 and 3 x 3 with a 600 giving u 10,000 lumens a square foot
  14. Sorry to post back to back but with this method u will still get 6 harvest a year with a 8 week strain just my 2 pennies
  15. Well for my first grow, i'm planning on getting a 1.2x1.2x2meter (4'x4'x6') and fitting a 600w hps in a cool tube in there for veg and flower. I'm planing to grow 6 plants in 15 litre pots and hoping to yield around 2 ounces per plant. I have NEVER grown anything before so my plan might have a flaw or something but other than that, i think my plan is decent.
  16. If you're restricted to 3 plants, I'd go for any kind of topping/FIM techniques to grow multiple bud spots, then I'll take the biggest pots to get the bigger buds possible.

    Be careful though of any salt/nutes filling your soil, flushing big pots indoor is a hard thing to do !

  17. You could always supercrop your plants. All you got to do is gently bend the step back and forth until it the plants tilts and ina while, it will grow back even stronger and more sexier :)
  18. wavey im not expert but from what i have read,

    more plants = shorter veg time
    less plants = longer veg time

    Its all variable, size and time are both your variables.

    If your goal is 10 ounces of medicine, and its 2 ounces per plant, this would give you 5 plants right? Prob veg for 45-60 days, and throw into flower, then depending on your grow set up it could yeild 1-4 ounces off 1 plant.

    If you do it with less plants, you have to veg longer, because you have less variables to play with, but your over all harvest could still be 10 ounces off 2 plants, vegged for 4-5 months, and thrown into flower by the time they are done you will have easy 5 ounces per plant, but it will take longer.

    this is just my 2 cents of what i gather about growing procedures, it truley is a versatile plant.

  19. i have the same size tent & light. space is gonna be tight with 6 plants. i wouldn't veg for long. i prefer 2 to 3 plants max in there with a lot of training. i think i'm going with something like THIS for the next go-around though. looks sick!
  20. well good cause im about to have 8 plants in a closet

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