600 watt Vero 29 or Citizen?

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Which 600 watt cob light for a 4x4?

  1. Vero 29 Gen 7

  2. Citizen CLU048 1212 Gen 6

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  1. I'll be ordering a new light for a 4x4 tent and wanted to hear your opinion. I'll be ordering a framework light from Timber. Both lights are 600 watt, but the Vero only has 6 cobs an the Citizen has 12 cobs. The Citizen light is also $200 more. What do you guys think? Spend $200 and get more even coverage or save the cash and go with the Vero setup?

    600 Watt Vero29 V7 4x4 Framework

    600 Watt Citizen CLU048 4'x4' Framework
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  2. This is really up to you. The cost is more on the other one simply because it needed more parts they both can pretty much do the same work :)

    I'm a fan of the veros myself.

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    Vero's but do it different. 680w through 9 lights. Maybe another $50 in stuff from lowes and you are gooooood to go. upload_2017-7-7_22-2-42.png
  4. Vero 29 , I am actually ordered up 8 cobs and am powering them with two mean well drivers 320-c2100 for approximately 640watts

    $21.50 D bin cob
    $79.60 driver

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