600 Watt Tent

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  1. So I'm finally at a point where I feel comfortable posting my setup. 
    I'm running a 600 watt hps with 4 supplemental 42w CFL's (65k). The soil I am using is a 50/50 blend of Fox Farm Happy Frog and Cyco. 
    The strains I have are 3 Blue Dream, 1 Island Sweet Skunk, 1 G13, and 1 Strawberry cough, they are roughly 4 weeks old. When I picked up the clones the g13 and the SC were already in 1 gallon pots and the others were still in cubes some did not even have roots.
    I've trained all these plants in at least one way either supercropping, topping or LST some all of the above


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