600 watt tent grow

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  1. This is my first grow

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  2. Those are the clones you talked about eirlier post right top one of ten looks a lil over watered but other than that looking good keep it up
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    Looks good bro, what's your setup like? Nutes, soil?
  4. Bigger pots might be good... nutrients too, they look nitrogen deficient.
  5. I just gave them vigorosa plant food and watered them
  6. I don't have any nutes just gave them plant food. I've had them two days just got my tent today moved them from the closet under my staircase I've noticed a lot of growth on my GDP plant (front) my Hog Cheese has new leave but likes dry
  7. They are in a bag

  8. Good look first time
  9. I run a different brand of tomato nutes but they work flawlessly. Interested in following if you'll be updating.

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