600 watt switchable electronic ballast

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  1. High GC:hello:

    Are there any places where i can get a 600 watt switchable electric or digital ballast setup:) Really cheap:D Everywhere I looked they are in the 4-$500 range

  2. If you're in the US/Canada a 600W Electronic ballast shouldn't cost more them $250 or less + tax.

    So far the best digital ballast I've see for 600W with very little problems are the Galaxy ballast from NGW/Sunlight Supply.

    There's also Lumatek but since the've started to make them in China their quality has drop greatly.

    There's also Quantum ballasts white have a dimmer but they use more power then the Galaxy or Lumatek.

    Plus there's tons of other manufacturers that make them.
  3. Thanks Grass I took a look at Galaxy with socket and cord around $320.00
  4. Still little to high. The ballast will normally go for $250-60 CDN and the cord will be about $30 CDN, so $280 is where it should be at with the socket.
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    Yeah thats right, they don't. Sorry! But you could use a service like http://www.bongous.com/
    I guess they let you ship to them and they'll ship to you, where ever you are.

    I've never used them before though.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  6. Thanks Experimentalist :)

    I will give them a try

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