600 Watt 4 Plant Grow Pics Included

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  1. I have 4 plants, 2 BF critical kush, 1 northern light skunk, and 1 THC bomb under a 600 watt HPS. I vegged them for 28 days under a 200 watt MH. Im using sunshine mix #4 with GH flora series. I topped two of the plants, the tent is a 3x3 tent. I have about 55 more days left of flower. Temp a steady 76 degrees when lights on.
    What do you think I could yield ?


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  2. 3 to 4 oz.
  3. @[member="xdog"] Per Pant ? or all together ?
  4. I think a yield of 8oz altogether would be excellent.
  5. Nice grow so far! You would probably be lucky to get 8oz all together, they are pretty small to start flowering but given the space you probably made the right choice. Your light is definitely good for the space so that will help too. 
  6. Hopefully your thc bomb turns out better than mine. Complete waste of time, didn't get any buds off it, it just shot pistils out and stayed like that.
  7. Lookin good. Is that an air cooled light I see there?
    Probe get the light closer if it is :)
  8. @[member="xRizlaRichx"] Thanks I took your advice and lowered the light
  9. Great, what's or canopy temp now then, the same as before?
  10. @[member="xRizlaRichx"] was 76 now about 78

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