600-800 dollar budget, 600 watt setup

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Cyproz, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, so i decided that im just gonna use this space i have in my house for a nice big grow. My budget is 600-800 bucks and i want the cheapest possible setup. heres the specs of the space.

    5 feet X 6-7 feet X 8 feet tall

    I want a tent, 600 watt HPS and fan for cooling it.

    so im asking things like what kind of hood should i get?
    Where would you buy the supplies?
    What would you do with this space and 600-800 dollars to spend and not to go over 600 watts for electricity bills. Also you dont have to use the 5 X 7 feet, it can be smaller, thats just how much room i have.
    Also i will be doing SOG or SCROG with smaller lollipop style plants.

    i dont need a carbon filter because i live in my own house and no one visits so its pretty secure. Also my neighbors arent nosy.

    What website should i use?
    Ive seen some cheaper tents on ebay but im afraid they might be toxic.
  2. You have NO IDEA how strong the smell can get. I'd factor a filter in or ona gel or something :wave:
  3. Yeah, it doesn't matter if your neighbors arent nosey or not. the smell is so fucking strong.

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