60 minutes actually entertaining today

Discussion in 'General' started by oiunsauo, May 25, 2009.

  1. I just watched it high, and I coundint stop watching.
    Some weeks I just turn the channel
  2. :laughing:

    ... stoners.
  3. lol so you're not even gonna tell us what it was about?
  4. hahaha yeah really, at least talk a bit about it :p
  5. wow, bad post. at least tell us what its about or something. I DEMAND TO KNOW WHY IT WAS SO GOOD! :mad:
  6. It was on reducing the effects of aging through medicine. Some sort of breakthrough with the skins of grapes and it being the reason red wine was good for you and pills based off of it.

    They said something like 90 year olds being in the same health as 50-60 year olds and that it would help fight a lot of the different things aging causes and wouldn't only extend life but would make you healthier so your not just decrepit and old.

    But Idk all the facts or anything I only watched like 10 mins of it when going from room to room <____<
  7. The flavonoids and antioxidants in grapes are what make wine good for the health (1 glass for women, 1-2 for men per day). The health benefits are just like an extra perk for me when i share a bottle of wine with a girl or something. One of the best nights I can have with a girl begins with dinner, a bowl, and a bottle of wine (in any order)

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