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60 dollor ounce of shit from texas.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by kemico2, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. I got this shit in Texas. Its decent I guess. Gets me stoned as fuck. It is pretty seedy though...:rolleyes:

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  2. W/e gets you stoned man..

    Make some edibles haha
  3. That looks like BHO waitin to happen
  4. Do what i do, collect the seeds haha
  5. Maybe I can grow it better.. hah
  6. +1 on the edibles
    off half an oz you can make 24 potent doses
  7. this, with a side order of the avatar of the person I quoted
  8. LOL where are you?

    and you can find some nasty as reggie in Texas
  9. I live in the dallas area
  10. I have a one good hookup in DFW area, he sells me top grade shit. But he doesn't always have it. So I took to doing some indoor gardening myself, much cheaper.
  11. Looks great for edibles. I couldn't bring myself to smoke it though.
  12. looks nice for 60 bucks an me that would run 80-100 an ounce.
  13. Please make that into concentrate it doesn't look like it's much use smoking it. If you can get that for 60 a zip which is the price for an 1/8 of grade around where I stay you should look into making BHO to get all the potency of smoking that O in a couple grams.
  14. half gram per dose, of some schwag??

    nah man, no way
  15. That's Texas schwag alright... been a long time since I've seen it, only get dank now. I miss rolling big fat joints with it. Though I really do NOT miss the occasional bag of dirt quality bricked weed. It definitely gets you stoned for cheap though. Usually in the late Fall a lot of great schwag comes out. Fuck man now I miss it. We used to call it the christmas weed. Lime green and frosty looking schwagg, $60 an ounce. FUUUk I used to love just sitting by the lake for hours rolling huge joints and looking out over the water.
  16. agreed, about 8 months ago some buddies made a batch of brownies with an ounce. I ate one and wasn't too impressed. I felt it for sure but by the end of the night I couldn't tell if I was just high from smoking. It wasn't like the super LSD-strong type edibles I hear about, thats for sure.
  17. Thats disgusting lol but for 60 a ounce its not a bad deal..
  18. yea looks nasty to smoke.
  19. 60 an oz wish i lived it texas, that shit is 125 an oz here if your lucky, most of the time it,s 160 oz. i can,t wait till harvest time finally get some good weed almost free.
  20. quick flip it for 100 bucks and grab a quarter of dank. or break it down and sell nicks and keep flipping.

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