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60 Day Wonder Grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by CANADAgreen, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Hi
    I'm going to be growing a single auto flowering 60 day wonder feminized plant. I have 4-23 watt day light bulbs, and 4-23 watt soft white bulbs (CFL). Which from my understanding possess the required spectrums of light needed to put my plant through veg and flowering successfully. I am going to be using Fafard all purpose potting soil (See link below). I have an empty closet that measures at around 5' wide, 2' deep and 8' high. From what I have read, if I can make a smaller enclosure for the plant I can optimize the light efficiency, and get much better results. How would i go about this without making an expensive grow box, seeing as in how i already have an empty closet. If anyone has any suggestions about this, or about my lighting and soil choice, I would greatly appreciate the advice. I live in Ottawa, Canada and don't have access to Fox Farm which is so widely talked about.
  2. CG, the easiest way to partition off a portion of the closet is with a heavy plastic called panda film, or in some grow stores, a higher quality version is called Orca film. Thick, heavy, black on one side and white on the other. You can get it at any grow store or good online hydro dealer. Just get a section that's long and wide enough to fit from ceiling to floor & tack it up. Wrapt the top around a 1'X2" furring strip, cut to the depth of your closet ceiling, and mount the furring strip to the ceiling. If you need to adjust width later, easier to move this.
    You've got the minimum wattage of CFL's for a single plant grow. All I would recommend is investing in a couple of Y-sockets and brooder light reflectors at home depot. Two reflectors, a y-socket in each with two bulbs. You can closely trim a couple more 1"X2" X8' furring strips to wedge between floor and ceiling, and the brooder reflectors will clamp onto these perfectly. Makes raising and repositioning your light a breeze.

    Hope this helps, bestaluck to ya. Now go do it!!!!!

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