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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bobby820, Apr 3, 2004.

  1. as you can see there outdoor.. I had them in but my electric went up to much so I tossed them outside don't really care if they live or die just want to see what will happen

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  3. thats so sad looking i wana cry for them
  4. At what point is it allowable to kill plants just to put them out of their misery? Just curious. =P

  5. well, they should be flowering now. anything you attempt at this point will surely cause numerous problems. when you flower, the main stem is not going to beable to support shit, it looks as it can barely support the leaf. at this point in time, atleast you know you can do it. i would end there misery.
  6. my exact thoughts :(
  7. Why did they grow so tall and stupid?? Was there not enough light?
  8. Oh and is that one that I took a close up of a male or female..
  9. exactly...sex cannot be told from the pictures you have
  10. Yup,Toast Em..Orrrr.....You can go put em by a creek somewhere and just let em grow HAHAHA,jus to let em grow then die,finish its helpless little life cycle.
  11. yea, throw them outside by a creek or something.... at least they'll get better care there... they look so sad and lanky :(
  12. And Gr0 came down from above and said..... "Give them light!"
  13. there probably lanky because you didnt take good care of em' and you had there light to far away or somthin like that i think thats right.

    and i dont think its possible to tell if there male or female from a picture that far away get a closer one.
  14. And he also has two of them in one pot!.... at least that's what it looks like in the first picture...

    Sad story... :(
  15. i'd take them outside, dig a very deep hole and plant it right upto the last set of leaves, and let mother nature take course, need a good spot though, lots of sun, so it gets the sun for most of the day...........Peace out........Sid

  16. worse than them.......they can still be salvaged, but the pics are about 16 days old now or something........it's a sad day when you gotta say that enough is enough and end an MJ's life prematurely........i hit the bottle if i need to do it.........lol j/k..........Peace out.........Sid

  17. If you tell us all the details of how you planted them, what soil you used, watering, lights, distance from lights, lightcycles, ventilation.... we'll tell you exactly what you did wrong...

  19. LOL...

    well we are animals..

    i think this dude has got paranoid personally.

    i dont buy the bit about the elec..

    laters jay.

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