6 weeks into flowering no sugar on top yet help!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by heckyeah, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Hey what's happening ! Gc.... I have an Alaskan ice from greenhouse ..... I just thought by now I would see some sugar on top .... There is some in the middle of my buds should I wait?
  2. More info required on what you're feeding etc..
  3. Tiger bloom now! That's pretty much it
  4. Scenerio 1. Alaskan ice from greenhouse
    vegged for 4 weeks under 400 w hps
    soil used happy frog
    first time with this strain a friend of mines had some that I tried and I enjoyed. The high.. He said he let his go to 9 weeks!
    My pistils were all brown last week at 6weeks into flowering but... Hardly any sugar on top.... So I chopped it down yesterday

    Is even going to get me hiGh! Has a reAl good smell and while snipping away my scissors began to stick hmmm!
  5. 9 weeks is the breeder's spec on flowering time for best results on Alaskan Ice...
  6. swap the chemical tiger bloom 2-8-6? out for a feeding of black strap molasses, bet they start to push oils within the first few days after.

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