6 strain hydro grow

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  1. g'day everyone
    I have just started a 6 strain grow consisting of:
    Barneys Tangerine Dream ,liberty Haze ,LSD,Fruity Chronic Juice ,Hindu Kush and
    Green House Cheese . i am using 1x 600 watt dual spectrum hps plus 1 x 400watt hps for extra kick during flowering.
    Room size 6ft x 6f x 9ft
    Medium : loose rockwool/slab
    temp : 24-26 degrees
    nutrients : nutrientfield a and b
    ph: 5.6-5.8
    extraction fan plus intake fan
    The kush is 5 clones in a 5 foot hydro tray
    The other 5 are feminised seeds from herbies pick n mix , in 20 litre pots with two inches of quartz pebbles for drainage
    any advice or tips greatly appreciated , photos to follow
  2. lol thats a lot on the plate :D subd!!!:cool:

  3. thnx for the comment its gonna b fun:D will b making hash from all strains and mixing a few up for some exotic trippy hash.:D

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