6 Shooter Pipe

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  1. This is the brand new 6 shooter I got from amazon.com. Thought I might as well show it off. Has a magnetic grinder on the bottom of the rotating chambers. The bowl doesn't get hot, the bowls are easy to clear and it does not get clogged easily.

    Loved smoking out of this. I would definitely recommend getting this unless you don't like metal pipes.

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  2. I'm diggin it man. Six green hits even if you're with that guy who doesn't know how to corner a bowl. What did it run ya?
  3. I think it was like $40 from some company EdgeRunner. But I remember right after I bought it I saw another similar kind for $25.
  4. That's awesome! Does it have a bit of a metal taste to it or is it not bad for that?
  5. There's actually no metal taste, even for being brand new.
  6. i dont thin kyou'll make it past 3 shots..boom dead!@ to high... HEADSHOT
  7. Cool. I like that you could pass it and everyone gets greens :)
  8. Although its a novelty pipe I could still see several uses for it. One being that it would be perfect for group seshes so everyone can get greens, and two being that you could have a six shooter challenge and see who could smoke it all to themself in one sitting

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